Young Zambians told to participate in AU youth day


Young people in Zambia have been urged to participate in this year’s Africa Union (AU) youth day which will be held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka on November 1, 2022.

One United Africa Congressman, Bimbo Daramola, says this year’s AU youth day is aimed at helping young people to unleash their potential in the agriculture sector.

Mr. Daramola said in an interview that the AU youth day will help young people revive their African identity and learn skills that can help them to address the challenges of food security through agriculture development.

He said the AU recognises young people’s energy, creativity and intellectual skills which if utilised, can enhance their capacity to shape the future through agriculture.

“This year’s AU youth day will focus on food security, value addition and market creation in the agriculture sector for the young people. We are going to address issues that affect young people such as hunger, and unemployment,” said Mr. Daramola.

And Farmers Association of Zambia President, Judy Ngumbi, said young people have the potential to invest in agriculture through partnerships with various investors in the African continent.

Ms. Ngumbi said the association is targeting to engage 500 youths per province who will be given empowerment packages and market linkages to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through the government.

“We have so much which is in store for our young people. However, we expect them to be very responsible and focused, because they will be engaged in high farm profiles from the Netherlands and Angola,” she said.

Meanwhile, National Youth Department Council Director of Programme, Omiya Hankanga, pledged to support young people’s partnership with youth organisations that help them to build their capacity in various areas.

Mr. Hankanga stated that the council is ready to support young people’s programmes which are meant to unlock their potential especially in the agriculture sector which will be the centre of this year’s AU youth day.