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Investigations into alleged solicitations of a bribe commenced by a Zambia Traffic Officer Begins


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has commenced investigations into the alleged corrupt solicitation of a bribe from a mini bus driver by a named traffic police officer from central police station.

ACC Head of Corporate Communications officer Timothy Moono says the incident happened in Lusaka on Saturday in broad view of several members of the public.

Mr Moono notes that the named police officer removed his head dress and demanded for a bribe from the minibus driver to be put on his head dress.

In a statement made available to the media in Lusaka on Monday, the Head of Corporate Communications officer said an alert member of the public on witnessing the bizarre incident confronted the police officer who later fled.

” A concerned member of the public confronted the police officer and the bus driver at that point the police officer is alleged to have run away leaving behind the head dress with the bus driver, ” he said.

Mr. Moono has since sternly warned traffic police officers to desist from soliciting and collecting bribes as it will not hesitate to effect arrest should this ever occur.

He said the commission further warned motorist’s especially public transport drivers that they should equally ensure that their vehicles are road worthy at all times and resists the temptation of offering bribes to traffic police officers each time they commit a traffic offense.

Mr Moono further commended the alert and encouraged the members of the public to be reporting such matters adding that the commission will pursue this matter to its logical conclusion and anyone found wanting will be prosecuted.


  1. Changa ba seka uwachelwa……he is just “unfortunate”. Even those who are investigating him are bribe takers. Each day each officer has to take his offering to the Bwana or Mwami.

  2. A traffic officer. Such a small fish!

    When are we going to have that big fish who solicited for a bribe from a South African as gratification for awarding a contract on prefabricated health facilities be referred to ACC for questioning and clarifications? We need answers from them on all graft allegations.

  3. If you stand up and confront them they will think twice…look that clown run away leaving his service hat.If ACC was serious they would just go under cover and nab these cops on daily basis.

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