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UPND cadres in Kafue District want the removal of charismatic town Mayor Buumba Malambo


Ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres in Kafue District have staged a protest to advocate the removal of charismatic town Mayor Buumba Malambo.

The UPND cadres have accused Ms. Malambo and other people of illegally allocating land in Kafue Town.

They alleged that Ms. Malambo’s and his unscrupulous people have gone to the extent of demarcating land owned by private individuals as farms.

The cadres, mostly women clad in UPND regalia, on Monday morning chanted ati-Malambo slogans and said they don’t want the Kafue Mayor anymore.

“They are going into people’s farms to demarcate land. We aren’t afraid to speak out on these issues. They went to get people’s NRCs who are now crying just because they are PF lawyers. We don’t want bogus lawyers. We are going to die for our party. We don’t want to embarrass our President (Hakainde Hichilema). The President has vowed that he doesn’t want corruption. We removed the PF from power because of plot allocation illegality. It seems they stood on our UPND ticket with bad intentions. We don’t want that here in Kafue. Kelly out, Buumba out,” said a woman at the Council Offices in Kafue.

“Council isn’t a family affair. Suspend Kelly Buumba Malambo,” read some placards carried by protestors.

Meanwhile, Dr. Malambo has vowed not to resign following protests against her by UPND members.

In a facebook post, the Kafue Mayor Malambo said she stands for the people of Kafue and no one can stop her from working for the people who voted for her.

“The same group that fought former Kafue UPND Mayor Mr Thomas Zulu until he resigned and joined PF causing Kafue to go for Bye Elections which UPND then lost to PF have come back to fight me at Kafue Town Council and calling that I resign as Mayor for Kafue so that Kafue can have bye elections. In the 2021 elections when I was adopted the same group closed the UPND office and I had to do my adoption application under a tree but that did not stop me. When they saw that I was not scared and weak they organized themselves and raised an Independent Candidate to challenge me but all that went with the wind. The past months they have been sending armed thugs to my house as early as 03am harassing me and trailing my children and as a female politician I reported to the higher party office and the police because I wasn’t and am not safe. When they saw that the malice and insults didn’t not stop me from working they have gone now to disturb the operations of the Council questioning why I went to Kalukungu Market to give support to the marketeers,” Dr. Malambo stated.

She branded the protests against her as works of the enemies.

“They tried the same game when I was just a councilor to a point of sending armed thugs who broke into my house and clearing stated that they were sent and pointed out a gun in my Son’s Mouth who was just 6 months by then and threatened to rape and kill me but God in Heaven came down with force and scattered them. They have accused me of giving help in-terms of food ,clothes ,employment and scholarships to people they call PF and have accused me of having sold plots worth 100 Million, but I ask again is there a ministry that has that k100 Million for me a small girl from Magoba village to have that,” she said.

“This is a total fight on my work and integrity and a total violation of human rights coupled with malice and wanting so much a dent on my name just because i’m a female Mayor they call me “Stubborn”. Sorry to disappoint you, My Name is Dr Buumba Malambo and I stand for the people of Kafue and no one can stop me from working for the people who voted for me. If you think I will resign Ni Fimba Upoke. Will remain Mayor for the greater people of Kafue until 2026. Try next door,” Dr. Malambo wrote.


  1. They’re sponsored hooligans and obviously tolerated by Obvious Summerton Mwaliteta who’s the UPND Lusaka Province Chairman and resident of Shikoswe. The UPND will soon regret this sponsored hooliganism. If Buumba as Mayor has done anything wrong, there’s the Ministry of Lands to deal with land issues and there are other wings of government that can address any such issues. It’s gross indiscipline for any party member to interfere with the work of an elected member holding public office. Please stop it. When Buumba uttered tribal remarks she wasn’t censured by the UPND, what has changed now?

  2. The relative to musokotwana is implicated in the 51 plots corruption scandal, yet they told you to not vote pf because was implicated in this. Now look they are fighting amongst themselves these wild pigs

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