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LCC disburse 24 million Kwacha to various CDF projects and embarks on cleaning and spraying of ponds and drainage


The Lusaka City Council – LCC has disbursed 24 million Kwacha Constituency Development Funds – CDF to Seven Constituency in Lusaka, the Local Authority will also embark on a cleaning exercise of drainages and spraying of ponds as a way of curbing the infestation of mosquitoes in the City.

About 24 million Kwacha has been disbursed to all the seven (7) constituencies in Lusaka by the Lusaka City Council – LCC for the implementation of community projects from the Constituency Development Fund – CDF 2022 allocation.

The funds disbursed were assigned to the four (4) categories namely: Secondary School Bursaries, Skills Training, Empowerment and Community Projects for Kabwata, Mandevu, Munali, Lusaka Central, Chawama, Matero and Kanyama Constituencies respectively.

Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba explained in press statement that the public should note that K477, 290.00 has been handed out for Boarding School Bursaries, K9, 435, 168.84 for Skills Training, and K13, 363,400.00.00 has been disbursed for youth and women empowerment and K1, 653,474.62 out of K97, 579,698.00 for approved community projects.

Ms Mwamba stated that the Local Authority would like to take cognizant that the selection, approval and handing out of the funds follow the laid down processes for ensuring transparency and accountability of the CDF, adding that the Local Authority, therefore, seeks public patience as it continues to undertake the necessary procedures to disburse the remaining funds mainly for the implementation of community projects.

Ms Mwamba has since urged eligible individuals, cooperatives, groups and clubs to come up with competitive business proposals and apply for possible funding, these proposals should have the potential to help in transforming the economic status of the City and the Country as a whole.

“CDF can create reliable money-spinning businesses if well utilized by beneficiaries. Therefore, we encourage Lusaka residents in various Constituencies to look out for opportunities for them to have a stake in the CDF,” Ms Mwamba said

Meanwhile, in another development, the Mayor of the Greater City of Lusaka Ms Chilando Chitangala today spearheaded the Larviciding of ponds in Lusaka’s Garden Compound, adding that it is time to take action to reduce the infestation of mosquitoes in the City as they are a health hazard to the residents.

“There is need to spray all ponds in Lusaka and we’ll begin with Kaunda Square on Monday,” Ms Chitangala said

Ms Chitangala noted that all the ponds in the Seven (7) Constituencies shall be sprayed to help reduce the breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

And the Mother of the City added that there is a need to clean some of the ponds which have accumulated some weeds and grass to enable the medicine that will be sprayed to kill lava inside the ponds.

“There is need for a dredger to be brought from Kabwe to Lusaka to help us clear all the weeds and grass that has overgrown in the ponds,” she said

She said that the Local Authority will work in collaboration with Zambia National Service – ZNS to dredge and clear the garbage.

She has since called on residents to stay away from dumping garbage in the ponds.

“As you are aware, the throwing of garbage in the ponds stops the flow of water from one pond to the other hence causing blockages, and blocked drainages are also one of sources of breeding grounds for mosquitoes,” she noted

Ms Chitangala further called on stakeholders to come on board to help in eliminating mosquitoes in Lusaka as a way of safeguarding public health.

Her Worship the Mayor concluded by saying, non-performing contractors that were assigned to clean the drainages shall have their contracts terminated as this is a guidance from the Ministry.


  1. Lusaka has become dirty since this dirty party upnd took over. Remember during our reign, our great president ECL rolled his sleeves and took part in cleaning the streets of lusaka. Have you ever seen scruffy hh do that? Ifiko!

  2. We are grateful to the government that CDF funds are being disbursed for projects and empowerment groups across the country though we have not heard anything from some constituencies. My main concern though is the loans component regarding CDF has gone quite and nothing is being said from authorities concerned. Has the loan component been done away with and if so kindly communicate to members of the public as people who applied for loans are now getting concerned. All we have heard is that the government was looking for a financial institution to manage this component of CDF and that shortlisting was done and nothing more. Please our honorable PSs Mr. Hamahundu and Nicholas Phiri, Kindly explain as some of these were agriculture based loans and the rains are just around the Conner…

  3. M’me yo yakwa bulyo fa siswaniso se ling zahae moli penukezi, mane inge za Sikapu Mwanalilolo hasi tumukela mungala!

  4. I told you.PF mismanagement forced surrounding residents to eat most the mosquito-lavae eating fish in our sewer ponds,thu the over popuation of mosquitoes.Hope the lavicides will not have advserse effects on the natural regeneration of our nice ponds

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