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Rwandan Refugees cry for protection after another one is killed in Zambia


The Former and Current Rwandan Refugees Association in Zambia has strongly condemned the killing Rwandan refugees who have sought asylum in the SADAC countries including Zambia.

Association National Coordinator Rukundo Innocent said the killing by gun of Nshuti Vedaste, a Rwandan refugee and businessman in Chibombo district on 27th October 2022 is shockingly outrageous as it happens barely a few weeks after another refugee was killed in similar circumstances in Chongwe.

“For a long time Rwandan refugees in SADC countries, particularly Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa, have been subjected to extra-judicial killings such as the case of Patrick Karegeya in South Africa, Hakizimana Alphonse, Abdala Mukobi, Francis Nzayigira and Jean de la Croix Mundere In Malawi, Robert Hategekimana, Paul Kanyamanza, Clement Nshimiyumukiza and Vincent Bagirishema in Zambia, Abdallah Seif Bamporiki and Revocat Karemangingo in Mozambique,” said Rukondo.

“Sad to note however, most of these cases have gone without proper investigations and eventual arrests of the perpetrators despite the important pieces of information pointing to assassination coups staged by the foreign agents operating in the region,” he said.

He added, “We know as a matter of fact that members of the Rwandan refugee community such as businessmen, intellectuals and many others who may be perceived to be opposed to the Rwandan government have been targets of violent attacks by fanatics and members of the ruling class in Rwanda. For the information of the public, different officials of the Rwandan government have been heard on a number of platforms venting and calling on the Tutsi youths in Rwanda to voluntarily engage in the sponsored hunt for Hutu refugees abroad because they know the later are economically flourishing and education-wise progressing, which in their view, poses a threat to their domination of the country’s governance and resources.”

“We are aware of the tactics and campaigns the government of Rwanda employs either to influence countries hosting refugees to remove their protection and care, or instil a climate of hate between local citizens and refugees so as to create a ripe environment for reprisals and violence against vulnerable refugees,” he said.

“Examples of these evil machinations have been experienced during the election times particularly in Zambia and Malawi as often times the respective countries would be in electoral turbulences and criminals would take advantage of the situation.”

He continued, “As people who have suffered physical and psychological torture instituted by the leadership in Rwandan from the 1990’s to date; and having been victims of numerous attempts to destabilize our lives in exile, we are perplexed and are desperate for more protection by hosting countries.”

“We thank the Zambian leadership and the Zambian people at large, for the maturity, care and love they have always exhibited towards refugees not only from Rwanda, but from all over the continent despite the circumstances being so strenuous.”

He said the Rwandan refugees in Zambia and other countries call on SADC governments to be more compassionate and resolute in offering protection to the vulnerable refugees.

“We believe the number of years of hosting Hutu refugees in these countries and the peaceful co-existence with local people have demonstrated the potential for development of these communities.“


  1. It appears the Rwanda genocide has never stopped. It has now been exported to other countries and at a smaller scale and it largely goes unnoticed. Sad

  2. You guys must invest in some good hidden cameras at home and work,Internet of things these days does provide cameras linked to cellphones,other wise Kagame women will finish you.Yes Kagama women.They are good at humintel

  3. If Tutsis and Hutus cannot reconcile, it’s advisable that they seek third-party help. It does not help to live in perpetual conflict. The Catholic Church is strong in both Rwanda and Zambia and just about all of its clergy are very enlightened men. Surely they know or ought to know and are expected to know what to do.

  4. Paul Kagame travels a lot. He plants operatives in each country he goes to and they go on a hunt for dissidents. If they want to live, they should return to Rwanda where they cannot be extrajudiciously killed since there is no death penalty there.

  5. “most of these cases have gone without proper investigations and eventual arrests of the perpetrators despite the important pieces of information pointing to…”
    Expect Zambia Police to help you with such cases?
    They are too busy monitoring HH’s political enemies.

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