Friday, June 14, 2024

Illegal miners re-mobilise in Chibombo’s Chinyongola’s area


Illegal miners have started mobilsing equipment in Chinyongola area of Chibombo with intentions of conducting large scale mining.

This is despite government having earlier this year banned all mining activities at the site and evicted illegal miners.

Keembe Ward Councilor, Gift Mweenda has expressed concern that some illegal miners have started mobilizing heavy equipment on site with intentions to conduct mining on a large scale in Chinyongola area in Chibombo District despite government’s efforts to stop the act.

Mr Mweenda told ZANIS in a telephone interview that some community members recently alerted him about a group of people who had moved an excavator and mineral detecting equipment on site and had started mining without a license.

The Civic leader said he engaged other community leaders and rushed to the site and stopped the miners upon being informed about the development.

Mr Mweenda has since appealed to the government to deploy more police officers in the area to stop the increasing illegality.

He said people have continued to invade Chinyongola area as they continue to discover more gold mining sites.

He has since advised people to follow the right procedures and obtain the mining licenses so that they can legally mine gold once the suspension is lifted.

Mr Mweenda said the suspension is not meant to punish the people but to allow government to put in place measures that will ensure the safety of miners and the environment.

The Civic leader further said government wants to ensure that gold mining is done in a legal manner that will also benefit the surrounding communities and the nation at large.


  1. They were just removing PF guys replacing them with upnd chaps. Now that they are done operations can start. Shame!

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