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UK lobbying firm helped UPND with elections in exchange for favours for FQM


A lobbying firm with deep ties to the UK Conservative party helped the UPND to win elections in exchange for millions of pounds from a mining company.

According to the Guardian Newspaper, CT Group, co-owned by Lynton Crosby, a veteran Conservative strategist planned secretive African campaign on behalf of First Quantum Minerals in Zambia and the DRC.

The files suggest CT Group also worked, under the radar, on a political influence campaign in Zambia on behalf of mining interests while working on a campaign to oust the country’s president.

CTF assured First Quantum that its work would be carried out on a confidential basis, pledging that it would “not comment on the client or elections unless explicitly authorised to do so”.

First Quantum did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The files suggest that in 2014 CTF conducted polling and focus group research in Zambia and also fed political intelligence to its client about which political party “would likely have a more favourable and consistent approach towards the mining sector”.

A source familiar with its work in Zambia said CTF went on to support the election of business-friendly opposition politician, Hakainde Hichilema, in a special election in 2015.

Mr. Hichilema outperformed expectations but failed to gain the presidency; he was elected Zambia’s president last year.

Some of CTF’s work in Zambia prior to the election remains active today.

According to the leaked documents, the firm established an online news website that it boasted had become “a recognised independent voice of authority”

The “Open Zambia” website continues to publish articles and describes itself as “Zambia’s only independent news source” and heralds its role in “promoting transparency”.

The site, which frequently carries articles favourable to First Quantum, does not disclose it was established by a London-based lobbying firm.

There is no suggestion CT Group engaged in unlawful activities on behalf of clients in the mining sector.

In its statement, CT Group said: “It is no secret that we have worked on election campaigns internationally, and strictly adhere to all relevant laws and regulations in those jurisdictions.

“We have supported campaigns in a range of countries, including the DRC and Zambia. Supporting a candidate, be they an incumbent or in opposition, in an election campaign is taking part in the democratic process.”


  1. Nonsense, it’s Zambian who wanted HH because Lungu disappointed them not this Muzungu thing who are failing in UK, changing Prime Ministers now and then meanwhile the economy is still failing.

  2. When I voted UPND in the August 2021 elections, I did not come under the influence of any lobbying firm. I made up my own mind. And if I choose to dump UPND, it will also be an independent decision that I as an enlightened citizen am free to make.

  3. They always meddled in resource rich African countries ~ like Zambia.
    Their chief interest will always be and has always been minerals/resources.
    Ati Europe ~ Human Rights, my foot!!!

    I’m off to China

  4. I remember Russia accused of meddling in American elections to aid Trump win. The Americans would still say: that they voted without external influence; that they just like Trump. These things happen all the time and people forever deny these accusations all the way. If true, this CT Group started it in 2014, it took them close to 7 years to succeed.
    Does this explain why Trident’s FQML is so outspokenly elated of late or it is only coincidentally?

  5. Fake news. But even if it was true, i would thank that firm, from the deepest part of my heart, for helping us get rid of the corrupt, violent and tribal PF gang. I know the story is fake but if by any chance its true, thank you for helping us

  6. Me I voted alone without being influenced by anyone. The lobbysts just wasted their time and money. It is peoples votes that put HH in office

  7. This can be true or not true. There are allegations against Russia and vise versa . Influencing an election is not direct on the voter. Sometimes discontent is cultivated by the influencer to make the population go for one candidate. Like I said I take no position either way…..I don’t partake in any type of elections.

  8. I appreciate all your contributions guys. But probably we’re missing the point here. In as much as we voted independently I feel that the concern about a political party getting funded by certain individuals, institutions or companies is their influence on policy making and favouritism.

    • Right now Canada is accusing China of aggressive election interference……that China is backing certain candidates through clandestine activities. So here it is … vote freely but the groundwork for how you vote was clandestinely

  9. Mostly, interested people interfere in most sovereign elections, but we discredit such for lack of evidence, eg. Cambridge Analytica. The USA has likewise allegedly meddled in the most recent Uk-ranian general elections, where a former DJ, a seemingly weak opponent, emerged victorious.
    True or not to that, it solely depends on our source of facts and our vantage view. We all choose what to believe in for ourselves

  10. I can say something categorically here. I influenced my daughter to vote against the corrupt, violent, tribal and useless PF.

  11. We told you that boy cant and will never win a free and fair election. His imperialist masters helped him rig his way to power. You are being ruled by the imperialist. Hh is a controlled plant. 2026 pamaka fye. We are sending alot of pounds to pf In zambia to prepare for elections

  12. Some of you don’t know that Russia wanted Trump in the white house. That’s how Hillary lost. She actually won the popular vote by a million votes. Russia however knew who and where to influence


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