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Mubanga urges emerging entrepreneurs to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week


The government has urged emerging entrepreneurs to participate in this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in order for them to unleash their business potential.

Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Elias Mubanga, says the GEW will provide a platform for emerging entrepreneurs and those facing barriers to start-up an opportunity to learn new business ideas and skills on how best they can grow their enterprises.

Mr Mubanga explained at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the GEW aims at inspiring communities to collaborate and share their networks and markets.

He noted that GEW will provide opportunities and platforms for business to business and business to government exchanges, including policy dialogue on entrepreneurship.

“This event will provide opportunities for businesses and institutions involved in private sector development to freely interact with SMEs and their customers, and also showcase their goods, and services,’’ said Mr Mubanga.

Meanwhile, Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Managing Director, Edwin Zulu said GEW will focus on how Zambian entrepreneurs can unleash the economic potential of natural resources in the agriculture sector and mineral development.

Mr Zulu said the young entrepreneurs will be given an opportunity to learn skills and ideas on unlocking the potential that Zambia’s natural and cultural resources have and contribute to the gross domestic product of the country.

“We will have entrepreneurs from across the globe impart knowledge on entrepreneurship development in the minds of our Zambian young entrepreneurs on how they can actualise the economic potential that our mineral, agriculture sectors have,’’ he said.

This year’s GEW will be held from 5 to 11 December under the theme, ‘Transforming Zambia’s natural, mineral and cultural resources into economic growth and wealth creation for all citizens’.


  1. Why do you always look for saviours from elsewhere when you have all the tools to solve your own problems? Please challenge these so called entrepreneurs to start manufacturing desks and materials for schools and colleges. We have crafts men and women who can carve wood in their sleep and yet we fail to supply our own schools with proper desks. We need to fix this business of using announcements as a way of being pragmatic. Work first then announce your results later.

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