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Over K1 billion dispersed as part of the Constituency Development Fund to all the 156 Constituencies countrywide


The Government through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has disbursed over 1 billion Kwacha as part of the Constituency Development Fund – CDF to all the 156 Constituencies countrywide translating to over 6.4 million Kwacha per Constituency.

According to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Permanent Secretary for Administration Maambo Hamaundu, this brings the total amount of funds disbursed under the 2022 CDF to over 19.8 million Kwacha per Constituency, adding that the disbursement was made to all the 156 Constituencies through their respective Local Authorities.

Mr Hamaundu noted that from the total CDF allocation of 25.7 million Kwacha allocated to each Constituency in this year’s national Budget, approximately 5 million Kwacha is yet to be disbursed.

He expressed confidence that the disbursement of the Fund will significantly help the Local Authorities to successfully implement all CDF projects approved by the Ministry since the beginning of the 2022 financial year.

“With this latest figure, it shows that the Ministry has disbursed significant amounts of resources to the Local authorities to enable them carry out a number of developmental activities as outlined in the CDF guidelines,” he said

The Permanent Secretary implored all the Local Authorities to ensure that there is accountability and transparency in the utilization of the fund.

He said that the Government is delighted to note that a number of developmental projects are underway in Constituencies including implementation of bursary schemes, and procurement of earthmoving equipment for working on feeder roads.

On the CDF loan scheme, Mr Haamaundu disclosed that the Ministry has guidelines for the implementation of the loan component, adding that the guidelines are now in place and that there is an agreement with identified financial institutions who will manage the loans

“The service agreement between the Ministry and the identified financial institutions is in place,” he said

He mentioned that a standard application form for loans had been developed and the form will be available through all the Local Authorities, of which the loan will attract simple interest at a rate of 5% per annum.

Mr Haamaundu further announced that the Ministry had disbursed 5.6 million Kwacha towards completion of works of Lukanga Transit Bus Station in Kabwe which had stalled because of financial constraints.


  1. Releasing CDF money to constituencies and telling us is important but no less important is also telling us wht impact it’s having. I hope this will be done too.

  2. 1. Seventy percent (70%) of people who win the lottery in western world end up broke or declare bankruptcy within 5-7 years. This is because when you give money to someone who does not know how to manage money, they will blow it. The Government officials keep telling these unemployed youths to go and form cooperatives, yet on the district level there is no one who can teach these youths how to create a profitable cooperatives or basic entrepreneurship skills.

  3. Honestly speaking very few cooperatives have received empowerment funds..by the way CDF is given in bits and pieces..

  4. Upnd a group of shameless liars. Fuel promised to be @ K12 it’s at K24,
    Mealie meal promised at K50.00 it’s at K170
    No cadres no violence just go and ask taxi drivers, bus drivers in stations hell has broken loose.
    Doing the opposite of what was promised.

  5. What sort of projects will be done if money is not disbursed at once? It makes things difficult because you cant have halted projects due to lack of funds. Please deliver on your promisses and stop lying. Tell us if you have failed so that we go back to the old use of CDF. This one is a disaster in waiting.

  6. To disperse is to scatter.
    To disburse is to pay out.
    Learn the English language so that you can convey the correct meaning of what you write.

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