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DMMU helps families whose houses have collapsed in Rufunsa


Government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU ) has provided relief food and tents to the 18 families of Chitemalesa area in  Rufunsa district in Lusaka Province whose houses were damaged and food stuffs destroyed last week on Tuesday following heavy rains accompanied by strong winds that hit the area. 
Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata led the team that included District Commissioner Richard Mabena and Rufunsa Council Chairperson Kennedy Mailoni in distributing the relief food and tents to the affected families in Bunda Bunda ward ward.
Ms. Mulyata said Government is concerned with the welfare of the 18 families who were left homeless after their houses were damaged following a hail storm experienced in the area last week.
She assured the victims that Government will do all it can to ensure that the affected families had temporal shelter and food provided to them while waiting for a long term intervention. 
She said that what has befallen the people of Bunda Bunda is as a result of climate change saying such calamities can happen any time and anywhere ,
The Minister said government through the DMMU has always been planning to provide mitigation for such calamities to provide the needed relief to the affected people. 
“We rushed here to bring relief food and tents so as to protect your lives, ” said Ms. Mulyata. 
The Provincial Minister who is also Rufunsa member of parliament took time to visit some of the affected families.
Ms. Mulyata said she is happy that three out of the four people of the same family who were admitted to Levy Teaching hospital in Lusaka with multiple body injuries sustained when the walls of their house fell on them during the heavy rains,  have been discharged leaving only one. 
She said the victim who is still admitted in the hospital and the mother who is on the bedside are being taken care of and have received assistance from the Government. 
The recipients of the Government assistance are happy and have commended the Government for the good gesture. 
Ms. Saliya Lusoke, who is also headwoman Lusoke said she lost household property, roofing sheets and food stuffs following the heavy rains experienced last week on Tuesday. 
” I lost almost everything. Am happy that Government has responded positively to our cries, ” said Ms. Lusoke. 
And Kingstone Chinakila one of the affected victims,  thanked Government for providing relief food and tents to them.
Mr. Chinakila said he and family members survived by the grace of God saying hail storm experienced was so terrifying saying his 4 children were badly injured after the walls of the house fell on them with one sustaining a broken leg.
“Am happy that my children received treatment and three have since been discharged leaving only one in the hospital, ” said Mr. Chinakila. 
And Rufunsa District Commissioner Richard Mabena assured the victims that they will all receive the assistance from the Government.
Mr. Mabena also said tents will be retrieved once the affected families have reconstructed their damaged houses.
“These tents will need them once you have reconstructed your damaged houses so that they can be used in other areas where there might be need,” said Mr. Mabena.
Meanwhile,  Rufunsa District Council Chairperson Kennedy Mailoni said the local authority will intensify the education of the local on the need to follow specified guidelines when building structures.
Mr. Mailoni said through the Area Ward Development Commitees , the local authority will be educating members of the public to strictly follow guide lines when constructing structures in order to safeguard property and lives.
“Through the,Area Development Commitees we shall embark on the education of the public to ensure they build strong structures,” said Mr. Mailoni.


  1. The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit will not cope at this rate. Any property that does not meet construction standards is a disaster waiting to happen. Why should DMMU be called upon to help? I think laws ought to be enforced to prevent or minimize their chances of happening.

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