Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Of PF bouncing back to power


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst

Part 2

By the time the August 2021 general elections came, MMD was haggard and emaciated – barely a shell of its old self. They couldn’t even pretend sponsoring a presidential candidate let alone floating parliamentary or council candidates in most parts of the country. As it were, that’s how the epitaph was finally written on the grave of the party of one Frederick Chiluba – a dapper dressed eccentric individual with an excellent command of English who rose from being a train conductor to become president!

During the previous regime, the country obviously witnessed the worst plunder of national resources and a manifestation of multiple atrocities! Individuals who were once paupers peddling dollars in Katondo Street while clad in Salaula and flip-flops became mega-rich overnight; ministers wantonly advanced the agenda of tribalism for political expediency; cadres reigned terror and supreme as the police looked aside; helpless citizens were gassed in their homes; civil servants that were deemed to belong to the ‘wrong tribes’ were condemned to squalor and poverty in so-called national interest; leaders enjoyed the life of splendor and opulence as the majority of citizens wallowed in abject poverty and haboured corrosive hatred against their opponents to the extent of referring to them as cows in the so-called Christian nation!

To date, the party with such a blemished track record seemingly remains intact. This article will seek to demonstrate the logic behind this.

When PF lost power to UPND, most of those who were vociferous in mercilessly attacking Hakainde Hichilema, now the Republican president, immediately scampered like frightened little rats and hibernated in the burrows! We’ve in mind the likes of Pastor Sinyangwe, Antonio, Nawakwi, Kaiza, Jean, Kamba, Cosmo and Ntewewe, name them. Such individuals obviously expected UPND to embark on revenge attacks and reprisals as other political parties had done in the past – arbitrary arrests, mass deportations and rummaging of properties for any suspected looted goods or even beatings!

Even those still occupying government offices from the previous regime, including those serving in the foreign missions were shocked to see no one violently ejecting them from their offices, brusquely. To date, folks such as the former first lady, Christine Kaseba, continue enjoying sitting in air-conditioned offices as state-of-the-art SUVs wait outside.

Without skating around issues; UPND has seemingly allowed PF to get away scot free, effectively giving them room to regroup and mount a possible comeback! In the event that some of these individuals had millions of cash stashed in their grand mansions, they have been given ample time to swiftly pass on the loot to their side-chicks for safe keeping as witnessed recently with a certain lady in Lusaka, recently. Equally, any incriminating evidence on them has since been obliterated while those who had run away for some unknown reasons have since emerged from hiding and are now frequenting TV and radio stations bashing and lampooning UPND and the president. Mulekutika?


  1. UPND trying to play good hearted is not working , had PF won our President would be in Jail as said by the previous ruler who is still bitter, and his bitterness has made him lose weight to that of a feather weight boxer… It is high time these people faced the law without bail we can’t have people who had nothing in the past and boom they are billionaires without business record nor tax returns to their names aikona man.

  2. What is consoling is that no human being rules forever. At the end of the day each one of us LIVE their share of life and leave the earth behind.

  3. Christine Kaseba I forgot about her is she still in Paris? I told that woman not to take up that position as Lazy Lungu’s baggage lady in Paris look at her now even UPND are happy she is still there I think she has better chance of getting votes in PF Presidential race as she is fresh and clean.

  4. UPND and HH think running a govt is like running a corporation…no wonder PF are laughing deep down if I was UPND I would have changed the currency of pretended to immmediately after that Faith Musonda case you would have seen how the rats would have scampered to shift their hidden loot.

  5. You seem to be happy with the EMRC Study results. Just effect the long over due 17% electricity tariff. Most bye elections are gone.
    Please work on the phantom load shading that you keep refuting.

  6. Well. Well. Well. Perhaps what you narrate is correct. That is beside the point. When you say, go, then I say come. When you say black, then I say white. When you say sit down, then I stand up. Katondo Street is no more. Give credit to MMD. Peace everywhere. Give credit to UNIP and MMD and PF. The only influencer you remind me of is Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler

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