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5G internet to be officially launched in Zambia


Government has announced that the fifth Generation Mobile (5G) network will be officially launched in Zambia with MTN Zambia on November 24, 2022.

Technology and Science Minister, Felix Mutati, made this announcement in Lusaka today on the sidelines of the ongoing Innovation Africa Summit.

Mr Mutati said the move forms part of the government’s digital transformation agenda.

“Because of the positive things that we are doing, next week, working with MTN, we are going to launch 5G on the 24th of November. Creating a positive experience for customers, creating the necessary speed and making Zambia truly in the champions league,” he said.

The minister said the government is working on making mobile network services accessible by every Zambia and at an affordable price by ensuring that the cost of ICT infrastructure is reduced.

Mr Minister further said Zambia has great potential to compete with other countries in the technology sector.

He added that the country is attracting international recognition as evidenced by the hosting of international summits such as the Innovation Africa meeting.

Mr. Mutati said the government is aware of the challenges faced by young innovators.

The minister added that government has come up with initiatives aimed at alleviating these challenges with support from the private sector and other stakeholders.

“We are now working on a start-up bill, which we will present to parliament to be able to introduce a venture capital fund to deal with issues around funding,” he said.

Zambia is hosting the 10th edition of the Innovation Africa Summit which has attracted over 300 delegates from Africa and beyond.


    • Come home bwana don’t follow the developed countries, If you are a Zambian and living in Australia you should be the first to know that there is no G5 in Zambia. But if you are Zimbabwean you are forgiven.

    • Yayi ba Choolwe. 5G is in Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa Angola I’m sure even Malawi. Why shouldn’t Zambia have had it? Kaunda left us as central and Southern Africa ‘s leading telecommunications nation why the regression?

  1. These guys must announce something even if it is not their own performance. UPND praise singers genuinely believe that HH commissioned the Kazungula bridge. But when corrected they are quick to say Lungu did not use his money. But it is not clear whether they believe that HH used his money to build the bridge.

  2. @Chali above: You busy running from the immigration every day and doing Gardening work there or hard labour on a farm while you use your 5G there and first world services. But then on the Hand, you a Zambia who leaves in Kabulonga and works a managing director for his own small company or a Zambia who works for Zamtel which has no 5G but he has a farm himself and employed workers(like you) on his farm.so, who is to laugh at who here?

  3. These diaspora people, me i dont understand sometimes. always throwing stones as they are in first world countries living firstworld lifestyles. Infact 90% of them dont even have papers to be where they are,so that alone is a minus cos then they cant work let alone take a lone. They all live in squashed rooms right in the big cities which they take photos of everyday, but ask them to take photos of their office or their house? and see if they will reply to your messages again.

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