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HH’s Shameful Detentions: Is AFRICOM His Insurance Coverage?


By Kapya Kaoma

If Chilufya Tayali and Sean Tembo can give President HH and his minions like Kajoba sleepless nights, one wonders the level of desperation in the New Dark Regime. Why hunt down every kid who shouts–”Bally” is this or that? What exactly does he gain by arresting his opponents, journalists and ordinary citizens day in and day out?

The truth is, the “Bally will Fix It” mantra is now a song of shame and ridicule! HH himself openly admitted it–shortage of drugs under the HH administration in hospitals is unacceptable, and so is the failure to deliver farm inputs and the high cost of living. But if someone says the President’s foolishness was at display when he uttered those words, a fecal detention is the reward. In Ballycountry, only HH can blame HH and get away with it.

Yet no person can forget the many insults Mr. Hichilema showered on previous Presidents. For every defamation charge brought against HH’s opponents, countless were committed by HH against Lungu, Sata and Banda. Didn’t HH claim to receive classified intelligence briefings before Lungu did? Didn’t he claim to have information about the working of the military and even boasted of having military officers loyal to him? Indeed, dementia is Seer 1’s spell that has befallen Baal and his worshipers. It has erased 15 years of Baal’s crimes against the Presidency from their memory–for who can refute the facts?

I saw this coming from the moment HH put on those white gloves. I was the lone critic then, and many Bally worshipers rained insults until they couldn’t afford a bottle of soda! How on earth can the devil become a messiah unless you live in Hell? And so is HH. As his policies bite Zambians into abject poverty, and the IMF conditions worsen the poor people’s plight, HH will employ every institution to intimidate, harm, and even kill those who will stand in his way.

The PF politicians’ appeal to the US and its NATO alliance to stop HH’s tyranny is futile.

The West needs him for military strategic reasons. With al Qaeda attempting to build its base in Mozambique, the New Dark Regime relations with the United States Military Africa Command (Africom) is on the top of US-Zambia relations. Like Kagame of Rwanda and Museveni of Uganda, HH human rights abuses won’t be on the radar of Euro-American foreign relations policy.

The opposition needs to understand this–when it comes to US military interests, it doesn’t matter which devil is in power. Who doesn’t know the horrible human rights records of Kagame and Museveni? Journalists, opposition leaders and ordinary people are beaten up, arrested and imprisoned in those countries but the regimes receive hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S aid. So if there is a solution to HH growing dictatorship, it must come from Zambians themselves. As Marcus Garvey said, “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, for though others may free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is our only ruler; sovereign.” But it is our mind that HH seeks to enslave. Behind the arrests is an attempt to block our minds from calling out HH’s corruption and incompetence!

The challenge is this–are we going to sacrifice our democratic ideals and heritage to this heartless man? The IMF, the World Bank, and the U.S government will praise HH’s immoral leadership–didn’t they do so with other criminals like Mobutu, Ian Smith, Jonas Savimbi and now Paul Kagame? Opposition leaders must wake up to this crude reality–we are living in a different Zambia than we did since 1991.

But we can’t give up on our ideals but must be ready to suffer the consequences. Mr. Kajoba won’t stop arresting and intimidating HH’s opponents. If anything, the situation will get worse. Is violence the answer? While violence is not in our political DNA, to think that the 2.8 millions–most of whom now feel cheated into voting for Bally–can withstand the wrath of 15 million Zambians is mere foolishness. Moreover, the claim that PF is dead shouldn’t deceive HH and his minions into thinking it has enough prisons to hold the 1.8 million who didn’t vote for HH. Leadership demands humility, the virtue HH and his worshipers lack!

So fasten your seatbelts for the next 4 years–the ride to freedom will be tough. Only the mute will survive the weapons of Bally vampires directed by Mr. Kajoba. But those whose mouths cannot shut up must be ready to defend democracy from this insane government. As for journalists and human rights advocates, only shout “Bally is a dictator” if you can bear the heat.

As for me, I know that the keyboard remains the biggest threat to dictators. So I write to emancipate the mind.


  1. If bitterness was a person it’s Kapya Kaoma. Bwana, such vitriol is not good for your health.

    Meanwhile, you claim to be a Christian… Chachine mu church nimuchuba ndoshi! Napita mukwai…

    • Pita Kabiye. Just look at your downvotes! Kaoma is the man. We all love his courageous opinions. He is not a lapdog like Kajoba. Kajoba can bite his mother if HH instructs him to. What a kuwe!

  2. Abayashi ba Kaunda batile ………. . Umweo waba mukutwi, ba 2.8 fimofimo. He told Mwanawasa that he is a businessman and has no interest in politics. Do not worry, face it, all this will come to pass, Zambia shall be free.

  3. ” … I was the lone critic then… I saw this coming…”
    I remember your first few posts after HH inauguration and they were unfair. In your drive to be a critic, you were opposing the man for his suit choice, his walking and his yet to be fulfilled promises.
    You were offside then since you criticized without facts.
    Current situation, HH is either insincere when he directs the police to act within the law, or the police do not listen to him. If police do not listen, why do they still have their jobs?
    ECL with all his faults at least fired police when there were too many scandals and gave a warning to police chief.

  4. “…..The West needs him for military strategic reasons…..”

    Very ignorant about geopolitics………..where is zambia militarily strategic for the USA ?………pleas
    Because of isis in Moza ??
    FYI moza has a very small Muslim population, the chances of isis entrenching is very slim or next to nothing

    And let us not forget the danger tiyali poses to the security of zambia………he was directly responsible for the deaths of Nsama and the UPND cader after dragging HH to courts of fake allegations

  5. I take Chilufya Tayali’s allegations very serious. It would be to the betterment of the nation if a board of enquiry was constituted to interview Tayali to support what he posted on his social media page. If he fails then he can be charged with appropriate case and taken to court. But as it is now it gives the impression of Tom and Jerry and as a country we should not run our our affairs in a comical fashion.

    • Constitute a board if inquiry based on tiyalis rants ????

      You are losing it badala………

      How many allegations or claims of having evidence against people has tiyali made ??

    • Spaka……you are very dull….allegation doe not mean it is not true and neither is it true until it is proved either way. Upnd is losing popularity because of people like you

  6. Today I have schemed through his write ups ………..I usually don’t

    I only go through them to check on the level of kapayas mental anguish and decline for the PF loose…… is growing….he is becoming more incoherent with silly arguments

    • Kapya Kaoma is precisely correct when he says Bally will Fix It” mantra is now a song of shame and ridicule! Spaka go, bath and think. ‘issues with water’

    • Garlic………

      It’s until 2031……you will need frequent mouth washes with garlic , cos………..

      Bally and the UPND ain’t going nowhere……..

      Forward 2031……..

    • There was a guy who used to say exactly what you are saying in defence of PF. Alingila mu chani He has entered the grass lol. His name was Kaizar Zulu. Quickly start looking for some grass

  7. For years we warned you about hh and his autocratic tendencies but you didn’t listen. Our late father MC sata told us first hand that hh can not be trusted. This was after he demanded to be the alliance leader and yet the boy was inexperienced in comparison to our father. The boy is a liability

  8. Was it tax payers worth to arrest Mr Tayali? I think not – unless, of course, there are underlying issues we’ve not been told. Otherwise, to me, Mr Tayali appears to be an attention seeking blabbermouth no serious minded person should take notice of. He’s a clowning joker who was at it during PF, but was recently fading away nicely, until this arrest brought him back into our focus – exactly what he thrives on! Does the public need this?..I don’t think so.

    • You are so right but try walking your dog in the streets. You will know who poses a threat to you but the dog will just bark at anyone approaching. That’s why the law says keep the dog on a leash.
      Should I go further? Tayali was roughed up by Kajoba. HH’s leash on Kajoba broke

  9. If you want Police to stop arrests, just change the laws, Police are working within the current laws. Africom or no Africom, and remember there is no africom in our constitution, Police will arrest once one breaks the law. The same bad laws the PF enacted is what is obtaining. So dont blame Police for these arrests, just blame the ones breaking them. Of course Police should not brutalise any one but they should enforce the laws to the latter, so why blame Police for merely doing their jobs

  10. There is no Africom in our constitution. Law is law, you break it, they arrest you, what is wrong is brutal arrest, you start making people who are not popular look popular. And remember all these called opposition are one man shows. Why brutally arrest them, arrest them but not in a brutal manner

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