6 men defile girl, 13 at a nightclub


Chasefu District Commissioner, Lufeyo Ngoma, is saddened by an incident in which a 13-year-old girl was defiled by six men at a nightclub in Emusa trading area.

Mr. Ngoma said six men of unknown age took turns to defile the girl who is in primary school. He said action should be taken against the defilers.

He also wants action taken against the night club that is admitting young girls below the age of 18 to patronise the area and engage in sex.

“I received a report that a 13-year-old girl, who is doing grade six, was sexually abused by six men, one after the other at the same night club. After a medical examination, she was found to be pregnant,” Mr Ngoma said.

Mr Ngoma also disclosed that the night club is now a brothel as women from a neighbouring country have camped there for commercial sex.

He has questioned why the town council issued a license to a nightclub that is a nuisance in the new district.

Mr Ngoma has since directed the police to work in partnership with the local authority to intensify night patrols and arrest the minors that will be found wanting.

Meanwhile, the Chasefu District Commissioner has warned of stern action against government heads of departments who are absconding meetings meant for the development of the district.

Mr Ngoma said the trend of staying away from important meetings is retrogressive to the development of the district.

He was speaking during a senior management meeting held at Emusa secondary school.

He disclosed that his performance is assessed based on a district report derived from the departmental reports.

“I am worried that people are not taking me forward, instead they are bringing me down by shunning meetings. I will not take kindly to people who will abscond from the next meeting,” he said.


  1. What was a 13 yrs old girl doing at a night club? were are her parents? the 6 men be found and lock them up together with the parents of the girl

  2. @Ras Natty, exactly my question, What was a 13 yrs old girl doing at a night club? I have girls 11 and 13 yrs and I make sure I know at all times were they are. If they are not at school or church they have to be home or known friends places and they have to be back home before 18:00hrs. Where are our morals as parents. You can not get pregnant just after being raped. The girl was pregnant already from other activities before.

  3. True both the defilers and the girl should be locked up. Parents try hard to instil some moral discipline in children but some children are just impossible. I cannot blame the parents. She is already pregnant, certainly not from this sex attack but from earlier sexual encounters and so she used to the act hence patronising a night club. There must be a law to keep such above normal sex appetite inclined children in reformatories.

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