Free Tertiary Education Empowerment Community Scholarship To Begin Next Year January


5 000 youths are set to benefit from the 2023 Free Tertiary Education Empowerment Community Scholarship Programme aimed at providing tertiary education training to vulnerable youths in the country.

The Free Tertiary Education Empowerment Community Scholarship Programme is a Government initiative that will be embarked on through the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Arts and the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, with the first intake to start in January 2023.

The Minister of Youth, Sport, and Arts Elvis Nkandu stated that these scholarships are complementing the other scholarship programmes being offered by the New Dawn Administration and other cooperating partners.

“The programme targets to empower 5000 youths across the country every year at the Diploma level for a period of five (5) years,” he stated

The Minister disclosed that these scholarships are meant to empower the most vulnerable youths as indicated, stating that the scholarship will also allow youths that have not passed in two or three subjects as long as they can rewrite while attending the diploma programme.

Mr Nkandu has since urged youths to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for these 100% scholarships through the two Ministries beginning next week as Lusaka District and nearby Districts have received the forms this week, adding that the application forms can be accessed at all the District Commissioners’ offices countywide and be returned for submission before the 20th December 2022.

He said that the New Dawn Government through his Ministry and the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services is aware of the many challenges being faced by the Youths that include poverty, unemployment, underemployment, early marriages, and illiteracy among others.

Mr Nkandu said that the New Dawn Government under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema remains committed to addressing these challenges to achieve improved livelihoods for the young people, adding that the Free Tertiary Education Empowerment Community Scholarship Programme in partnership with ICOF is a clear demonstration that the New Dawn Government places high premium on Youth Development through skills development programmes.

He said that it is important to note that skilled human resource is key to the effective implementation of any economic programme, because without skilled human resources, the targeted programmes and activities cannot be easily achieved.

“As a Ministry in charge of Youth Development, we are therefore proud to be part of the Free Tertiary Education Empowerment Community Scholarship Programme in partnership with ICOF, this is because we are assured that more Youths will have access to Free Tertiary Education as enshrined in the UPND manifesto,” Mr Nkandu said

Some of the programmes under the Free Tertiary Education Community Scholarship Programme are: Diploma in Clinical Medicine; Diploma in Nursing; Diploma in Human Resource; Diploma in Environmental Health; Diploma in Computer Studies; Diploma in Public Administration; Diploma in Secondary Education; Diploma in Rehabilitation Social Work; Diploma in Primary Education; Diploma in Teaching Methodology; Diploma in Theology Studies; Diploma in Leadership Development; Diploma in Disability Studies; Diploma in Travel And Tourism; Diploma in Creative Digital Media; Diploma in Child Adolescent Mental Health; And Many More….


  1. Lies have short legs and I’m sure Mr. Zanama understands what I mean. Be honest and tell your boss what the people said about FISP this morning. It’s a disaster. In a cooperative of 68 members, you add 8 new ones and old members don’t even know where the new ones have come from. Out of eligible 76 members you allocate them 6 packs, their question was how do they share? Is the allocation for new or old or combines membership? If you don’t sort out this mess you’re in trouble. You were told not to continue to blame everything on the PF. This is your creation and you have to sort it out yourselves

  2. Ba PF cadre ka comment kaili ati bwa? Who is really or who stole? If they UPND are stealing me i want them to steal more and more pls.Cos everytime they steal they come up with benefits to society. It was Teachers/Doctors/Nurses job bonanza. Security wings all recruited recently, Free grade 1-12 and now na college yonse. Well Africa needs to copy this new way of stealing and apply it. Cos its mainly beneficial to the man on the streets. Oh i forgot the marketeer booster loans too. Hahahahahahahahahhaha

  3. Good idea though it’d be better to set the minimum entry qualifications to at least three O,levels for purposes of competion as well as to discourage exam malpractices at GCE

    • Donors can join and sponsor an extra 5000. If we can not employ them, we can export expart labour to other countries.

  4. Well done UPND Government for offering community bursaries. Thanks for employing many teachers and nurses, recruiting young people in various armed forces. Concentrate on development. Forget about hopeless PF Members of Parliament those who want to defend those greed people who stole through the defence forces, that the outside auditors cannot audit defence forces. The information about any country’s weapons can be found on internet by any one. It is not secret. The age of information technology is gone.

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