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LAZ speaks out on audits scandal


The Law Association of Zambia says the Auditor General can only appoint external auditors to audit the defence forces where circumstances of an audit justify such subcontracting. and with the prior written consent of the President, authorizing access by external auditors.

LAZ President Lungisani Lungu says this is provided under section 73(3) of the Public Finance Management Act, No.1 of 2018 and the preconditions are meant to safeguard national security.

In a statement, Mr Lungu says it is LAZ’s considered position that the subcontracting of external auditors to audit the defence forces is legal if it was done by the Auditor General following the President’s prior written consent.

He said the Auditor General is required to satisfy the President that national security would not be compromised by the access, before the President can grant such written consent.

The government has engaged six private audit firms to audit its domestic debt.

Below is the full statement


  1. Now did the Auditor General write to the President or the President just gave the contract to his friends without adverting for the bid.

  2. It is legal indeed. The question remains in the single sourcing, and whether the President did in fact authorize in writing.

  3. Now we are seeing the UPND praise singers showing there ignorance.The finance minister said the Auditor general was busy not that he wrote to the President.This is clearly between the finance minister and the President and that’s outside the law

  4. This explanation confirms the illegality of the contract. The AG is on record as having expressed ignorance about the contract. Situmbeko said it’s the Secretary to the Treasury that’s responsible. Even a layman can deduce that the contracts were conceived without procedure. Their quest to fix ECL and the PF has blinded them. It’ll backfire on them. Don’t use hatred to govern because it’ll blur your decisions. Do the correct thing

  5. PF cadres behave yourselves us the 2.8 million that voted are happy with this move as it shows nobody is above the law. you have foreigner workers that cam to install security systems, weapons, aircrafts what nonsense are you talking about state secrets. You are scared of the stealing you scum bags did at the defense forces hiding behind secrets.

  6. One did not need to go to Law school to know this. Some of us have written here before but for reasons only known to Lusaka Times, the posts never show up.

  7. “As the British Parliament is considered to be the mother of all parliaments in countries where Parliamentary Democracy or the Westminster model of governance is followed, it was a training for which there cannot be any substitute.”

    “it was a training for which there cannot be any substitute; this is where true national security lies.

    If an outside cannot audit the defense forces we are going Contrary to the constitution then we are saying some of us were about the law.

    Our national security lies in building on what the British left us with. We were not called a Strong colony for nothing. What intellectual properties are we afraid of from the outside to expose?

  8. We ask the leader of the house madam Vice President to confirm that the appointment was done by the Auditor General. We damand to see the written request to the president assuring him that security in the defence force will not be compromised. We also want to see the written corrrespondence by the president to give concent. We also ask for the contracts given out the and that these contracts were vetted by the Auditor General. Mr Mundubile and the Lunte MP to follow up this matter to its logical conclusion. Definately something is fishy here. Grant Thornton?????? Kaya!!!!

  9. It is important to understand that the Audit is not about Auditing the Military aspects. The Audit is about auditing public funds. It was noted that three defence bosses where fired without any reasonable reasons. perhaps the three bosses refused to be used and then fired.

  10. @Daniel Chisebwe, the issue here is not about national security alone. The issue is whether this was done legally and proper procedures were followed. LAZ is telling us that the law requires the Auditor General to write to the President for permission and the President to give authorization in writing. The Auditor General refused ever writing to the President. Also the foreign Auditors were single sourced from companies that have long relationships with the President.

  11. But this tender was advertised in February or January this year, there was no single sourcing…….PF didn’t pay attention because Ministry of Defense was not mentioned clearly ….yabah

  12. At this stage we have a right to request for state house to explain to the Nation why the President cannot declare his full assets and interest in these companies.Surely if he is rich as he proclaims why this desperation of not respecting the law

  13. It seems in this case it was the other way round. Instead of the AG notifying the president it was vice versa, the president informed AG that external auditors are coming.

  14. “Assuming the Presidency at the depth of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the American people regain faith in themselves. He brought hope as he promised prompt, vigorous action, and asserted in his Inaugural Address, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    “I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a New Deal for the American People.” “In these days of difficulty, we Americans everywhere must and shall choose the path of social justice…the path of faith, the path of hope, and the path of love toward our fellow man.” FDR

    Political parties what’s going on?

  15. Look at the PF caders above , disecting hairs………

    Does not matter who asked who, law minds say it is legal………..

    We are to witness the more industrialised looting by PF under lungu with these audits……….

  16. Politics aside here we are dealing with the security of the nation, which has been exposed by upnd government, if this was in USA, the president would be on his way out…Praise singers we are not against you, on this one the president has made a serious error. Past presidents respected and protected the sovereignty of the state, How do you hire a private firm to audit security wings! Praise singers mention one country that have done such before Zambia is the only country in the world.
    You can’t expose the security of the nation even if you have abnormal appetite for money that is foolish.ness

  17. Stop dreaming people of Zambia. Auditing to go on. We should know how our pulci funds were used, we should know how our money was used.
    We understand some issues which were discussed in Cabinet like expanding the Zambian Embassy in Turkey did not take place, but money was released.
    We MUST expand Mukobeko Maximum Prison and the laws must be clear on those who steal public funds with the sentence of life imprisonment.

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