Ramaphosa mourns Zambian student who died in Russia-Ukraine war


The South African government sends condolences to family of Zambian student killed in Russia-Ukraine war

It is understood that Nyirenda died in September but Russian authorities only informed Lusaka of his death last week.

The Presidency sent its condolences to the family of a 23-year-old Zambian student who was killed in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Zambian authorities said Lemekhani Nyirenda had gone to Russia to study nuclear engineering but he was serving a jail sentence – for a drugs-related charge, at the time of his death.

It is understood that Nyirenda died in September but Russian authorities only informed Zambia of his death earlier this month.

Zambia has called for answers from Moscow on how the student ended up being killed in a battlefield in Ukraine – in defence of Russia.

Presidential Spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya said it was tragic that the world continued to experience loss of life due to conflict.

“And it is for this reason that President [Cyril] Ramaphosa has been quite consistent in calling for a dialogue between all parties concerned in resolving this conflict”, Magwenya said.


  1. He was a mercenary, a Nyirenda sure ku lakwa! They promised him that if he can fight for them, he will be released from jail. Nzelu za baloswe manje mwaona!

  2. Why is Ramaphosa caring about this? South Africa has enough problems to be attended to. No month goes past without a Zambian, Zimbabwean or Nigerian being killed by South African in South Africa. The Zambian government is equally dull making such demands having been told the guy was in Prison saving a drug related charge. What more do GRZ need?

    • Yes we know he was in prison. Now we want to know how he came to be at the frontline. Mind you, he was Zambian not Russian.

  3. Nyerenda died as a hero for Russians. In fact, Russians promise every foreigner who fights for them full citizenship, full fringe benefits and permanent employment in the Russian Army. Therefore, Nyerenda was fighting as a Russian citizen in the special operation for mother Russia. He did not die as a criminal but he died as a warrior for Russians. Thus, Russians delayed in informing Zambians about Mr. Nyerenda’s death. Mr. Nyerenda also killed for Russians in Ukraine. We must respect and celebrate Nyerenda for being a strong African who dreamed to be accepted and respected by Mr. Vladimir Putin. RIP Nyerenda

  4. Yes, we know he was in prison. What we want to know is, how did he end up on the frontline?

    He was Zambian not Russian. We just can’t let the issue lie and move on. We value him and we need answers for proper closure.

  5. Whilst other countries evacuated their own, hh was busy kissing whlte man backside. Champions league kwisa. Hh is to blame for this death. If you don’t agree, then fuseke from here!

    • Hello Kaizah Zulu. You’ve been missing in action. I thought finally they had locked you up for all the corruption crimes you and your buddy Lungu had committed. Anyway, great to see you back. I don’t agree with some of the things you say, But I can defend your right to say it.

  6. Comment by “kci @3” is based on ignorance. Ramaphosa is among the few that carry unifying genes of Mandela as proved during the COVID-19 episode and the Kwa Zulu-Natal riots instigated by Zuma. The USA and Russia are rival super-powers who split up Germany after World War 2; but later discovered their action as ABSURD. USA and Russia diplomatically resolved to unify East and West Germany into a united nation. The death of Nyirenda in a Russia-Ukraine war is a very complex matter which require HH to act State President, and thus discard the disastrous views of his boot-leaking Ministers and UPND cadres. President HH is urged to quietly consult extensively nationally and regionally to sustain diplomatic links with both Eastern and Western powers.

  7. Awe chachine abena Zambia surely mwa kwata ama opportunities ifiingi elo mwa laya ku russia? Ninshi? Na lila.. Putin is a kabwalala

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