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The Local Government Service Commission 16 Human Resource Management Committees in Western Province


The Local Government Service Commission – LGSC has established 16 Human Resource Management Committees in Western Province to perform delegated functions on behalf of the Commission.

Speaking during the opening of the Human Resource Committee Workshop organised by USAID Local Impact Governance, Chairperson of the Local Government Service Commission, Mr Ackson Sejani said the Human Resource Committees will undertake some delegated roles on behalf of the Commission and it is expected that the exercise will lead to timely processing of Human Resource matters at the local level.

Mr Sejani noted that the Commission will closely monitor and evaluate the Human Resource Committees to ensure compliance with set standards including the code of ethics for persons in the Local Government Service.

He said the Commission has been realigning and placing staff in appropriate positions according to their qualifications and competences to ensure equitable distribution of Human resource in all the 116 Local Authorities.

“This will also save as a strategy that reflects on Zambia’s diversity at Local Authority level in line with the country’s motto of One Zambia, One Nation,” he said

Mr Sejani noted that in order to standardize human resource management in the public and Local Authority sector, the Commission continues capacity building of the Local Authorities to ensure quality and timely processing of human resource cases.

“To this effect, am glad to note that the general staff training and development programmes have continued as a way of equipping workers with the necessary qualifications, skills, and competences, however, I allow me to save notice to all members of staff that going forward, the commission will concentrate only on short term training as opposed to long term training, this is because the Commission has noted after critical analysis that short term training programme are cheaper and more impactful, this action will not only save the Local Authority financial resources but will also ensure the availability of skilled and competent workers to provide the much desired services to the local people,” he explained

He mentioned that it is the expectation of the Commission that those who will be appointed and sworn in as responsible officers, as Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons, Committee and Secretarial members of Human Resource Management Committee will carry out their delegated functions with excellence, as failure to do so will lead the Commission with no other option than to withdraw the delegated functions from ailing Committees.

The Chairperson has since thanked USAID Local Impact Governance Project for the material and technical support in establishing the Human Resource Management Committees in Central, Muchinga and Eastern province.

In welcoming the Commissioners, Mongu Mayor, His Worship Nyambe Muyumbana said that the Province and Mongu Municipal Council in particular have for a long time waited for this opportunity to address matters to do with Human Resource Management.

“We are glad that the Commission has decided delegate some of its key functions in order to maximize efficiency in managing Human Resource matters in Local Authorities,” he said

He observed that the Councils have a backlog of Human resources matters that have affected the delivery of services and the creation of these Committees is timely.

The Mayor disclosed that the Mongu Council has a number of key positions that need to be filled, adding that the Human Resource Committee members that will be inducted are all professionals in their fields, as this will enhance management of human resources in the Local Authorities.

And USAID Local Impact Governance Project Capacity Building Advisor Frank Kanyambi stated that the Organisation is working with the Ministry of Local government and Rural Development and Ministry of Finance and National Planning to deliver the decentralisation agenda effectively.

He said his organisation is grateful for being part of the agenda as it will enhance capacity of the Local Authorities in service delivery.

The Commission has so far established 69 Human Resource Committees in Central, Muchinga, Northern, Luapula, North Western and Southern Province with a target to complete the establishing of these committees in all the 116 Councils before the end of this year.


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