Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hichilema to witness the graduation of adopted daughter in Eastern Province


President Hakainde Hichilema is on Friday this week expected to grace a graduation ceremony at Chipata Teachers’ College in Eastern Province where he will witness his adopted daughter graduate with a diploma in teaching.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Paul Thole, disclosed to the media today that the President has a daughter who he adopted when she was in primary school and has been supporting since then.

Mr Thole said President Hichilema has been supporting a number of children, especially the physically challenged, in various parts of the country.

He said such kind gestures show how caring the President is, adding that people are confident in his governance.

Mr Thole said the biological parents of President Hichilema’s adopted child are also expected to attend the graduation ceremony on Friday November 25, 2022.


  1. Wonderful but why is he not using his own aeroplane the same way he said if you want a VX buy your own. Ama standards ka.

  2. Imwe naimwe ba jenalist if you adopt someone we all know you go on to support him/her. Do you have to reemphasize?
    “…disclosed to the media today that the President has a daughter who he adopted when she was in primary school and has been supporting since then”

  3. No amount of intimidation will break me. I have bed through a lot in my life. What is a jail to a strong man like me

  4. President HH has an adopted daughter,he’s a devout Christian,he doesn’t drink, he’s revived Zambia’s moribund economy …so many qualities that ECL lacked.

  5. Only those who think they know the English language better than the journalist will take issue with his style of reporting on the adoption and not contextualize the journalists intent! I have no problems understanding the journalist his adopted daughter and her biological parents! I don’t know how many of us had known this assistance so we all have to let the adopted daughter and her parents speak for themselves as they celebrate with the graduate! HH and his adopted daughter know where they stand!

  6. And Chilufya Tayali? How many people does he sponsor from his ill gotten money? You see. Zambian thieves dont have mercy at all. Ussually in many parts of the world its thieves & criminals who try to feed or sponsor vulnerable children to cover up there wrong doings but in Zambia the story is different-You have thieves & criminals shouting out loud on top of their voices mocking the poor and the hardworking people and other the other hand you ve the hardworking people and the poor do things like community work which the thieves are supposed to do but instead , the criminals are busy pointing fingers at the real Businessmen and Hardworking people. Yaba! On this one personally i think HH is overdoing things, let him slow down. too much, he has totally killed every single chance of anyone to…

  7. ……become president, atleast for the next 30years. Thereafter we can start to talk of a contender but, as for now and in between the 30 years i mentioned, uum, ni kaya chabe mwe, ba opposition? esp those that are always on their channels filming instd of recruiting party members and those that are always in newspaper complaining instead of going into business and grow their assets. Ni “mulungu ndiye aziba chabe”. Otherwise HH has killed it already in one year, now talk of 5 years? what do you think he would be achieved? 5yrs from now i see even UNZA to be for free across board. Zambians becoming mine owners & real entreprenuers thru CDF & CEEC etc. Let alone the recent NAPSA early withdrawal policy.

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