Responsiveness, accountability key to offloading of cases speedily – Chief Justice


Chief Justice Mumba Malila has called on responsiveness and accountability in the Judiciary in order to expedite the offloading of cases in the Courts of law.

The Chief Justice says the Judiciary is holding the 2022 Judicial Conference tomorrow in a quest to review the operations of the Judiciary.

Dr Malila observed that the Judicial Conference is critical to the Judiciary as it is a platform where issues affecting the Judiciary are tackled in a bid to enhance professionalism and accountability among legal practitioners.

Speaking upon arrival in Livingstone for the official opening of the Conference tomorrow, Dr Malila also disclosed that the Judiciary is introducing Information Communication Technology (ICT) for speedy disposal of cases in the Courts of law.

He explained that ICT is the sure way to improve the services of the Judiciary as communication is the catalyst for development in the country and beyond.

The Judicial Conference is an annual event in the Judiciary calendar whose objective is to reflect on matters affecting the Judiciary.


  1. You have to deal with corruption in the ranks. This Judiciary is one of the most corrupt institutions together with the police.
    Cases get adjurned on very flimsy reasoning. The magistrate is away , the lawyer is not available. Lawyers choose when they should be avialable at court and the judge torrelates such nonsense. Case records ago missing …How? Prosecutors demand bribes ….Its that serious. Just like the Army is being audited , the Judiciary should also be audited … americans. There is no justice in Zambia to talk about.

  2. No, Sir you are not tackling the root cause. There are just too many cases . Both criminal and civil. Even the police can not cope. Where even policemen get beaten by civilians and more than 20 youths have to appear before magistrates. Magistrates who ware already overwhelmed. The economy is not ticking. Too many youths doing nothing but smoking and drinking ilicity beer. An idle mind is the devils workshop. Gender violence is on the rise by these youths…they end up lining up at courts with cases. Politicians are corrupt …they thrive on white collar crimes, corruption, bribes. They end up at court awaiting endless trials.
    The marriage system is broken. Too many divorce cases at courts. YOUR COURTS cannot cope with this sick society of no jobs for the youths, gender…

  3. The police is ill trained to carry out investigations. They present cases to court when they have not done full investigations/

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