DEC advises against drug and substance abuse this festivity

FILE: An amatuer video producer takes time to smoke marijuana during the Bob Marley Memorial concert in Lusaka west.

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Northern Province has urged youths in the region against engaging in drug and substance abuse during the festival season.

DEC Northern Region Commander Nebert Njovu advises youths to desist from drugs and substance abuse during the festivities as it may lead them to be in conflict with the law.

Mr. Njovu says youths should instead use the festive season to introspect on the goals they have set for themselves.

DEC Regional Commander in an interview on Friday urged the general public to avoid any form of drug and substances abuse to avoid committing crime.

“ The general public is also advised to committing crime, as any crime committed … there is drug abuse. Crime turns not to be far away from such societies,” he emphasised.

He advised youths to make themselves busy by taking part in many youth empowerment activities which the government has initiated.

Webster Chikalaba, a musician popularly known as Y-Celeb also appealed to the youths not to be swayed by peer pressure to start indulging in illicit activities.

Emphasising that community members should support the fight against drug abuse, Mr Chikalaba advised the general public to take part in the fight against drug and substance abuse and not leave it to security enforcement agencies.

The artist also advised youths not to imitate the behaviour of artists when on the stage stating that what they see is just costume and stage performance.

“ Stage performers should not be associated with drug abusers as it is just a way of entertaining the audience, “ he said.

Meanwhile, JVee Sounds Co-founder Jimmy Mukuka has called on upcoming musicians to emulate experienced artists in the industry by engaging in productive activities.