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The New Dawn administration is a very good government-Ndola’s independent MP


Ndola’s independent Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Warren Chisha Mwambazi has praised the New Dawn administration as a very good government.

And Mr. Mwambazi has said Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is working for the people as intended by President Hakainde Hichilema when increasing the allocation.

He said the UPND Government and President Hichilema have demonstrated care and love for the people of Zambia by implementing policies that meet the needs of citizens.

Mr. Mwambazi was speaking as guest of honour at the handover of K1, 956,349.84 CDF grants to 109 cooperatives under Bwana Mkubwa Constituency held at Mushili Skills Training Centre in Ndola on Friday.

“This CDF money is aimed at bettering our lives as citizens. This is a caring government that is giving you money so that you live a better life. Is this not a good government? This is a good government. Kindly clap for the President (Hakainde Hichilema). When the President came into office he promised to take money from Lusaka to the people in all parts of the country. The President has been emphasizing the need to take money to the people and CDF is one of the means. People of God let us be thankful; each and every government has a plan. The President has been calling for streamlining of CDF regulations for people to easily access development. Is this not a sign that the President loves you? Please clap for the loving and caring President,” Mr. Mwambazi said.

Mr. Mwambazi said he was pleased to hand over constituency development funds to more cooperatives in Bwana Mkubwa Constituency.

“Today we handover funds to all the groups that successfully applied for grants under the 2022 Bwana Mkubwa constituency development funds. One hundred and twelve groups successfully applied for the grants and over K1.9 million will be disbursed. As you may recall, in September, we handed over part of these grants to 27 cooperatives. Today, we conclude the exercise and hand it over to the 83 cooperatives. I am confident that those groups that did not receive in September are now at ease. We are all now witnesses to cdf at work and the government is determined to ensure that this programme succeeds. I am also happy to note that the ministry of local government and rural development has now entered into an agreement with the financial institutions that will manage the loan scheme component under CDF. This means that more people will access more cdf funds,” Mr. Mwambazi said.

The Bwana Mkubwa lawmaker added that the constituency has embarked on the procurement of school desks to cushion the shortage.

“In line with President Hakainde Hichilema’s aspirations for every pupil to sit on a desk, we have embarked on the procurement of school desks. So far, 400 desks are under procurement in Bwana Mkubwa constituency at a cost of k400, 000.this move will not just ensure that pupils have somewhere to sit, but also ensure that our local small businesses are empowered. Empowerment grants, bursaries, loans and contracts are the prerequisite for development. I therefore urge all recipients not to misuse the funds but to apply them accordingly. I wish to thank the mayor of Ndola, councilors and the Ndola city council management and staff for the work they are doing in implementing the CDF. I am also grateful to the cdf committee for the job well done,” he said.

Mr. Mwambazi urged recipients from the over 100 cooperatives not to abuse CDF grants.

“I wish to remind the recipients to treat the funds as a privilege. It is an opportunity to improve family welfare and community welfare as well as the nation’s welfare. Huge congratulations to you, our recipients and all the best,” he said.


  1. All we read about is desks ……desks with CDF funds……….???

    Is that all our people can come up with ??

    Meanwhile we find even illiterate Chinese and indians who can’t speak a work of English are very innovative, creating industries on road sides…………

    It must be to do with the fact that only in Africa, it is only the bible that is translated into local languages………..

    Science, maths and economics are not translated into local languages. Only the bible.

    What a shame.

  2. Mwambazi has heard the rumor that UPND is searching for its own version of Bowman Lusambo and he is trying to jump on the bandwagon. Go on! Sing HH praises until the new government comes to harrass you after next elections

    • Who said I am out? I have a team of competent loyal PR experts who will continue to keep my name alive even while I am locked up. I am not convicted and have the right to use my mobile and communicate.

  3. Some constituency has seemingly identified how they want to rank priorities in utilizing CDF it’s well and good if the bulk goes to benefit the locals! It’s agonizing for an independent MP occupying a seat which none of the popular parties wanted you adopted but then goes to show that the constituents knew and decided on merits of their contesting candidates! Obviously this independent MP might have preferred adoption by UPND. Not his fault

  4. What could give the people hope to live in our democratic society when the going is getting tough? The lacking stomachs, definitely, may be looking forward to 2026 to come soon, that’s to say if they would be alive, and expect not to be defranchised to exercise their democratic right as was the case in the Kabushi and Kwacha by elections.

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