Thursday, July 18, 2024

It is shocking for UPND to blame PF for late distribution of fertilizer and other farming inputs


Matero member of parliament Miles Sampa has expressed shock that the UPND is blaming the PF for late distribution of fertilizer and other farming inputs.

The New Dawn Administration has claimed that the delay in the distribution of the commodity is caused by “PF civil servants.”

Mr Sampa has wondered for how long the new administration will keep blaming their failures on the previous regime.
“For how long will the ‘blame it on PF’ be the answer to every failure to perform by the UPND in government? In 2021 it was it’s because we are using the PF budget they left. Now we in 2022 and under the first UPND coined budget from start to finish in about next 25 days and they still blaming the previous government,” he said.

“Next we have been hearing the blame game shift to civil servants even after firing whoever they claim was sympathizing with PF. They however still blaming ones they did not fire or ones they recruited themselves. As far as they are concerned, the national challenges are due to everybody except the very people (UPND) entrusted to govern Zambia.”

Mr Sampa said the late fertilizer distribution is mainly due to the overzealous Minister of Agriculture that wants to instantly change every process he found in the FISP.

“Changes in government systems is a gradual process and any ‘haste is waste’ (in the entire farming season in this case). At minimum the UPND government need to take full ownership of challenges encountered in governing a nation and citizens will understand,” he said.

“Running Boma is never a smooth ride. It will however not do to insist on the ‘blame game management methodology’. Can’t wait for them to soon start blaming God.”


  1. ” A bad Carpenter” always blames his tools. This Govt is surely the worst we have ever had. Not that we expected to have angels but just to do the basic things that where in place. Even dull people in our society have realised the top to bottom lies of this Govt When a leader lies with a straight face surely his or her Lietenants will follow suit. This, unfortunately is what we are seeing in the UPND Govt. They do not own up to anything, a confirmation that they have no clue of where they are taking this country to. The Govt that is full of nothing except self praise even for the work of others.

  2. It appears decisions made were reminiscent of how the MMD wholesale purged everything UNIP and ended up with a mess on their hands. In this case, however, doing that to sensitive sectors such as agriculture, education, and health, might just be the deal breaker. A mambala be careful. Ka one term is possible apa ka? Osa sowela ma fella. Uyo naye Kaisa mucoseni pa belo kaili.

  3. I am doing much better. Thank you to the nurses and doctors who have taken care of me and to all those who have been praying for me and wished me well, the likes of my brother Tayali. God bless you abundantly

  4. Until all PF operatives are flashed out of the system, all hi-cups in UPND operations are traced to PF cadres in the New Dawn administration (remember PF boasting months back, they have operatives in the New Dawn government). The more reason Bally’s concept of ‘Complex Management’ any civil servant should adapt to the new system, failure to do so spells doom (death) for such individuals.
    As for KZ needs to be caged since you are a danger to yourself and the general public – potentially exposed character on frauds in Zambia


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