Friday, March 1, 2024

Purchase of police vehicles using CDF starts in Monze


The government has approved the purchase of 1,000 vehicles for distribution to the Zambia Police Service across the country.

Inspector General of Police LEMMY Kajoba says the process of procuring more vehicles using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for Monze police command has started.

From the K25.7 million CDF allocation, five police vehicle procurement per constituencies has started.

The Inspector General Of Police said this in response to Monze District Commissioner Mwanza Malambo during a courtesy call.

Mr. Malambo noted lack of transport as one of the major challenges officers in uniform face to effectively carry out their duties in the District.

And the District Commissioner also suggested for refresher course for police for them to remain professional and upheld ethical standards and code of conduct.


  1. I am doing much better. Thank you to the nurses and doctors who have taken care of me and to all those who have been praying for me and wished me well, the likes of my brother Tayali. God bless you abundantly

    If I die, you know who will be behind my death. Rip tutwe

  2. You need to be caged since you are a danger to yourself and the general public – potentially exposed character on frauds in Zambia

  3. CDF should never be used for this …then Provincial Police Commisioners should be answerable to District or Provincial commitees made up of MPs, Mayors and Councillors

  4. its shocking WHY buy police vehicles using CDF what is the ministry aligned with the police doing is the ministry suppose to buy vehicles for the police, this kind of jokes should stop please use CDF on things which make sense . you are talking about 5 vehicles per constituency kkkkkkkkk. remove the police from CDF

    • That’s why there are line ministries, Police and Local govt all serve the community. Where there is a shortfall, the other line ministry can fill the gap period

  5. This is how the rot begins. As it is ZP can barely maintain it’s current fleet of vehicles, never have fuel when you need them, used for personal errands, under trained drivers,…the list goes on. Now you want to use CDF to buy police cars! Who the hell is running this country?

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