Saturday, February 24, 2024

Heavy rains destroy maize, bean fields in Mbala


Heavy rains have destroyed some maize and beans fields in Mbala district of Northern Province.

Mbala District Commissioner, Annie Paul, visited some affected fields in the Nsungu area of Kaseshya East Camp today and expressed concern with the destruction of the crop fields.

Mrs Paul however said that some maize crops have a higher chance of surviving but noted that there is a lower possibility that beans and tomatoes crops will re-geminate.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Paul stated that the government will assist the affected farmers.

And one of the affected farmers, Steward Mazimba, said he planted one lima of beans which has been destroyed by the rains.

Mr Mazimba has since appealed to the government to assist him with beans seed and chemicals for him to re-plant his field before the planting season ends.

Mbala is one of the districts in the province that experience heavy rains annually.

The district is also known for its high productivity in beans and maize crops.


  1. This is normal during rain season, DMMU should not be abused over heavy rains in the nation, it not a disaster.


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