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The death of Tutwa should help Zambians to unite regardless of their political differences-Nkombo


Local Government Minister Garry Nkombo has said the death of former Patriotic Front (PF) Kabwe Central Member of Parliament and lawyer Tutwa Ngulube should help Zambians to unite regardless of their political differences.

Mr. Nkombo was among scores of mourners that included sixth republican President Edgar Lungu who thronged Kabwe to pay their last respects to Mr. Ngulube who has been put to rest in Kabwe.

In his remarks during the funeral service at the United Church of Zambia in Kabwe, Mr. Nkombo, the UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament, told mourners to deeply reflect on the death of Mr. Ngulube.

Mr. Nkombo further delivered a message of condolences from President Hakainde Hichilema to the bereaved family.

He echoed PF acting President Given Lubinda’s appeal that Mr. Ngulube should be mourned with honour and dignity.

“It is important to single out the members of the Central Committee from the Patriotic Front who through the acting party President Honourable Given Lubinda gave a message of encouragement to say we must at all costs send off Honourable Ngulube with dignity and honour. From this moment I stepped into this place I would feel dignity and honour. Thank you very much Honourable Lubinda. I bring the messages of deep condolences from the Republican President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, who is in Mwami as I speak. Mwami Border Post to commission a one stop border post with his counterpart President of Malawi. He sends his deeper sorrow and condolences to all of us who are gathered here more especially to the widow Mrs Ngulube. Mr. Ngulube’s department is a very serious loss to all of us,” Mr. Nkombo said.

“Those of us who experienced him could easily describe him in the following manner that a stranger is just that best friend you have never met before because that is what Honourable Ngulube was about. A little bit of an irritant at the point you meet him but had this golden smile and he had this humour that you could not ignore. He was an imposing human being. An imposing in a very positive way and was full of laughter. We must all agree that born in 1979 he is a very young person and that is what is most difficult for those of us who are slightly older than him and it gives us this immediate shock that around his death there are more questions than answers. There are more questions than answers but we must look up to our creator because everyone has got their junction, their designated day. This is a junction that is avoidable. It is really just a question of at what point do you meet that junction,” he said.

“From the President, he wishes that the departure of my young man Tutwa be one of the reasons why this country should bind itself together, to be more united than ever before. We should cease this opportunity sorrowful as it is, we must cease this opportunity to do some introspection, some deep reflection of this loss. I personally was a good friend of Tutwa, extremely good. May we use this loss not in vain but like I said before to bring ourselves closer to one another in our own political diversity,” Mr. Nkombo said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lubinda hailed Mr. Ngulube as a lawyer for all.

“In the PF he was a lawyer for all. He was always available to render his legal services to all his colleagues in the Patriotic Front. Tutwa handled many cases of our Members of Parliament whose seats had been petitioned. Tutwa handled many of the cases of the least amongst our members. Whenever there is a report of any of our members or cadres being arrested for whatever reason the first advocate to come to the mind of the party leadership would be Tutwa Sandani Ngulube. Whenever there was a report of our cadres being arrested we went to Tutwa. Today as we send him off to his heavenly Father we have many amongst us whose cases are still active in the courts of law and were being handled by Tutwa Ngulube,” Mr. Lubinda said.

Notable mourners included Minister of Transport Frank Tayali, Minister of Water Development Mike Mposha, lawyer Makebi Zulu, Mansa Central MP Chitalu Chilufya, PF presidential aspirant Geoffrey Mwamba, former Education Minister Dennis Wanchinga, former defence Minister Davies Chama, PF National Chairman Davies Mwila, PF President Aspirant Brian Mundubile and Pambashe MP Ronald Chitotela.


  1. If indeed you mean what you have said then stop your embarrassing and divisive propaganda machinery on your party’s sponsored online media. How did Koswe know about the results of the postmortem before the report were even ready? This is how the Watchdog used to behave over Sata’s sickness. Shame!

    • The results of the autopsy (not post-mortem) were simply that there was no foul play. The rumors trying to be created are indeed false. There is a general bitterness in Zambians mainly arising from regionalism which people ought to learn to rid themselves of. On the issue of Sata’s illness, it came a time when the decent thing to do was to step aside, unfortunately, at the time, the constitution would not favor such an action as it led to a by-election anyway. Zambians should never have to see a president in the state Sata was, say at opening of parliament. That was just unfortunate.

    • I have attended several postmortems to know that fluids are collected for lab tests which aren’t possible to conduct on the spot. It’s physical damage to the body and organs that can be noticed during that procedure. So how did Koswe know that he died of an overdose of Viagra? Further, such reports suggest that there’s no privacy as findings can be leaked but it doesn’t make sense because they began their reports few minutes after the procedure! In whose interest are they doing that? It’s filthy

    • The cause of Tutwa’s death is one of the known side effects of COVID vaccines! I’m surprised that our Doctors are pretending not to know this

  2. It is important to harmonize traditional and the modern law in our country. Who should get into politics? is a question we should be answering ourselves in order to harmonise our traditions. Gender equality is with us in this modern world.
    How will it fill that a woman has ten children each from a different father?
    What about a man? Is it good for man to have children from different women in this modern time and era. Politically what does that mean?
    Can such persons be serious politicians and map the way forward for a country.
    At times, I ask myself what Economic Association indeed Law, Engineering and the likes mean in this modern time and era.
    I thought that man/woman has mastered the art of education; the implication of it in terms of national development.
    Well, it seems we are…

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