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Masebo cautions traditional leaders against abusing developmental funds


Chongwe Member of Parliament, Sylvia Masebo, has urged traditional leaders to desist from abusing funds for developmental projects that are meant to benefit the local people.

Ms Masebo, who is also Minister of Health, said traditional leaders should prioritise serving the needs of their subjects and not abuse funds by satisfying their personal needs.

She said this when she officially launched the reconstructed Chasha community school in Chongwe.

The construction of the school was funded by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint.

Ms Masebo has meanwhile advised the people of Chongwe to take keen interest and play an active role in empowering themselves by accessing CDF funds in order to improve their welfare.

The Chongwe Member of Parliament further urged the people of Chongwe to remain focused and work together to develop the district.

Ms Masebo said she was pleased with ongoing community development projects in some areas of Chongwe.

She cited the construction of health posts in Njolwe, Chinkuli and Madido ward, a police post in Lwiimba ward and classroom blocks in Katoba ward as some of the projects she was happy with.

 She has since urged community members to respect their civic leaders as they represent the head of state.

“Let’s work together to develop our place because only teamwork can take our district to higher heights,” said Ms. Masebo.

And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints pledged to continue supporting the government in developing the country.

Church representative, Blessings Mashala, explained that the church was compelled to reconstruct the community school in order to help less privileged people in the community.

Mr Mashala said the church had put new roofing sheets on a one by two classroom block and built a new one by three classroom block and also furnished the classrooms with 180 desks for both teachers and pupils.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints also drilled a new borehole and installed backup water tanks to enhance the water reticulation system at the school.

Mr Mashala said he was pleased to hand over the facility that also has teachers’ houses as it will motivate the newly recruited teachers.


  1. okay it is my first time to hear Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints doing such, the church is going to grow in the area

  2. Dont show your Ignorance Ras about church names
    Its a known fact in zambia that if you down and out open a church
    Yhe congregation will pay for its construction
    Also no books no ZRA how much better can it get ?

  3. Why doesnt this Minister caution herself and fellow political leaders to desist from abusing funds for developmental projects that are meant to benefit the local people?

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