James Ndambo closes his Zambian Non-Governmental Organization “My Home Town Zambia”


South African Based Zambian Businessman James Ndambo has officially closed his Zambian Non-Governmental Organization “My Home Town Zambia” due to the dented international reputation after the Zambian government carried out investigations of suspected money laundering resulting to the pulling out of other global sympathizers that were supporting the organization.

Sources within the organization have confirmed the development to Phoenix News that the organization which was non-profit making but dependent on financial support from allies of Mr. Ndambo, will no longer be operating in Zambia where it was founded 25 years ago.

The sources have further revealed that investigations of money laundering which was carried out by the Zambian investigative wings dented the image of the organization to some global business partners of Mr. Ndambo.

Mr Ndambo through my home town zambia in july this year donated vehicles to the zambia police in southern province, refurbished the Choma central police station, Choma township roads and organized one of the most expensive beauty pageant in Zambia

Mr Ndambo’s organization has been instrumental in supporting Zambians whose medical conditions could not be treated locally by evacuating them to countries where their ailment were treated.


  1. Sorry Mr. Ndombo there is only one person in this country who is allowed be rich and have a lot of money. When others have money, they are corrupt thieves and must be arrested. Do not even think about coming in Zambia until people can no longer take the high cost of living and vote with their brains. Meanwhile this someone when asked how he got rich during privatization he will tell you “that is not important”.

  2. KZ begin to mourn your late brother,(impostor pretending to be in Zambia),conducting yourself as as usual, will conclude true sacrificing of your own.

  3. Good riddance, he is a criminal and money launderer. It’s only that he has never been fully investigated. The problem is that Zambia lacks knowledgeable investigators in sophisticated white collar crimes.

  4. Enemies of progress. The dictator got rich through damn privatization. He is now treated as if he is a king and smart. I have never seen the same man owning a company. And yet he calls himself an economist. He defrauded the Zambian government for him to be rich. What a joke of him being rich!!!

  5. Finally the Walvis Bay scammer is being cornered. The Bay in Namibia was given to the Zambia for free to use,but this ***** ursuped the deal by bribing PF and then Kept the whole bay to himself and used it for private gains and later claim to be running a charitable organisation. He was making about 10million kwacha a day(If we include the drugs he & Jacob Zuma were traffiking) thats K20Million a day they were making. While you Zambians suffered paying for Japanese imported cars in Durban & Tanzania when actually there was a port next door that was always avail for free for you to use. Now the UPND new about this thieving and closing on him, he wants to now implicate others, jst like Bonanza did.Pure PF mentality. Fake Charity work!!!!!!

  6. Mr Ndambo’s main business is Africa Union Financial Services, (AUFS) a longtime business partner of the Republic of Belarus which is active in the promotion of goods and services from Belarus in South Africa and SADC region.
    As you know Belarus is a sanctioned country and an ally of Russia. Mr Ndambos businesses are likely laundering Russian money.
    The UN may have told the Zambian govt to watch Mr Ndambo.


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