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Pay point Managers urged to be honest, transparent


Chirundu District Social Welfare Officer, Charity Tembo, has called for honesty, transparency and accountability among Paypoint Managers (PPMs) and Community Welfare Assistant Committee (CWAC) when making payments of transfers to social cash transfer beneficiaries.

Mrs Tembo said embracing honesty, transparency and accountability in the implementation of social protection programmes will help the government uplift the standard of living among the vulnerable people.

She said the social cash transfer is one of the major social protection programmes for the government which is aimed at reducing poverty and vulnerability among households.

She said this is why there was need for everyone involved to be honest if the programme is to achieve its intended goals.

Mrs Tembo was speaking during the Pay Point Managers Digital Training in Chirundu District today.

She explained that her office has been receiving a lot of complaints from some beneficiaries who appear to be short-changed by their deputies.

She stressed that transfers are meant to benefit a household and not an individual or a deputy.

Mrs Tembo has since implored both the beneficiaries and their deputies to familiarise themselves with the guidelines so as to minimise the complaints.

“Let me implore you all PPMs, CWAC and councillors to continue helping my office with sensitisation on the implementation of various social protection programmes being implemented by our ministry,” she said.

Mrs Tembo explained that her office cannot manage to control beneficiaries on how to use their money but it can only advise them to use the money for the intended purpose.


  1. If this programme is relying on the honesty of paypoint managers then something must be seriously wrong. This isnt the Presidential slush fund. From what I can see Someone hasnt sat down and drawn a policy and thereafter rules/regulations to guide the dissemination of funds. HH, here is where your government is failing the people. Be proactive

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