Friday, June 14, 2024

ZCTU wants women, youth recognition as key players in the economic development of the country


The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has underscored the need to recognise women and youths as key players in the economic development of the country.

ZCTU Acting Secretary General, Joy Beene, has observed that women and youths in trade unions must be given an opportunity to take up leadership positions.

Mr Beene said it has always been the desire of the labour movement to see more women and youths in decision making positions.

He said women and youths are at the heart of the ZCTU and are recognised for the role they play in governance.

Mr Beene was speaking at the opening of the 2022 ZCTU Women and Youths conference ahead of the quadrennial conference slated for Thursday this week.

Speaking at the same event, ZCTU National Chairlady for Women Committee, Lillian Mutambo, said the UPND government has given relief to the labour movement in the country.

Ms Mutambo said she is hopeful that this will continue in order to give room for women and youths to take part in decision making.


  1. Trade unionism is dead in zambia. It ended when FTJ CHILUBA became a president of Zambia. Workers are suffering in foreign owned entities and labour of Hon Tambatamba is just a name. We need a vibrant labour and trad unionism. Labour officers are always oiled and most zambians are suffering and treated as second citizens to foreign owned.Zambia shallnever be free. Shameful

  2. The National Executive Committee of BETUZ which is an affiliate of ZCTU comprises men alone. What has the motherboard got to say about that? What do they do with members’ contributions? Lifestyle audits must not end with politicians. There are many white-collar criminals in the labour movement. Kamani! Musa Mwenye, sort them out

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