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Chitotela happy with implementation of the Constituency Development Fund projects in his Constituency


Patriotic Front (PF) Pambashe Member of Parliament Ronald Chitotela has commended the Kawambwa Town Council on the good implementation of the Constituency Development Fund projects in his Constituency located in Luapula Province.

Kitwe’s independent Nkana Member of Parliament Binwell Chansa Mpundu recently said the utilisation of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is in a mess owing to the inertia among councils in the country.

Mr. Mpundu said some people in local authorities are frustrating CDF projects proposed by various constituencies.

He said so far in Nkana Constituency no CDF project has taken off this year despite the Central Government disbursing three quarters of the K25.7 Million allocation.

But speaking during the inspection of the Constituency Development Fund projects in Pambashe, Mr. Chitotela expressed satisfaction on the quality of works on the inspected projects adding that this is a clear demonstration of the commitment that the Local Authority attaches to the projects.

Mr. Chitotela emphasized on the need for the Zambian people to be given value for their money by executing quality works on projects , urging the Local Authority not to compromise with quality on the projects.

The Pambashe Lawmaker said once the Local Authority is given funds, enough latitude and capacity they are able to execute the works to the expectations of the people as can be seen with Pambashe Constituency.

He said public servants in rural areas can only be motivated with good infrastructure, quality health centres, good road network and safe drinking water adding that investing in housing for public servants is one of the priorities in 2023 for Pambashe Constituency, as it will modernize the area and attract more qualified personnel to the area.

Mr. Chitotela has urged the local contractors in Kawambwa district to execute the projects with perfection as is the only way they will make government and the public have confidence in them.

The former Minister of Tourism further assured the people of Pambashe that with the increment of the 2023 Constituency Development Fund, the Constituency is earmarked for a modern Police station in Mushota and two mini hospitals, one in Chibote in Chief Chamas Chiefdom and the other to be built near Chishinga secondary school to help people in that area that travel all the way to Luwingu to access health services..

According to Kawambwa Council Public Relations Officer Norman Joel Kashi, the projects inspected include; a 1X3 classroom block and staff house at Chikoti Primary School, staff house at Chabanya Primary School and a staff house at Kabombo Primary School.

Meanwhile, Lusaka City Council appealef to targeted residents of all the seven constituencies in Lusaka to actively participate in the delivery of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) by applying for the fund during the on-going application period for CDF for the year 2023.

Council Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba said LCC has noted that successful disbursement of the CDF to the targeted group of people is dependent upon their active participation through applying for the fund and providing their input for the implementation of the Community Projects.

“The categories whose application process for 2023 have commenced are Secondary School Boarding Sponsorship, Community Projects and Skills Development Bursary Sponsorship respectively.The targeted residents are requested to apply for Secondary School Boarding Sponsorship and Skills Development Bursary Sponsorship before 31st December, 2022 while the deadline for the application of Community Projects is 18th December, 2022,” Ms. Mwamba said.

“Members of the public should be cognizant that the Local Authority can only achieve the effective utilization of the CDF if the eligible people take part in applying for the fund and following the stipulated guild lines to access the fund.CDF is meant for human development and implementation of the projects that have potential to accelerate development and improve the welfare of all,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chadiza Town Council is undertaking the road maintenance and rehabilitation exercise of critical crossing points in the District.

Council Secretary Mr. Justin Mbashila has revealed that Council has received K3 million from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development intended for the maintenance of critical crossing points among which includes the heavy grading and compacting of 2.3km of Chadzombe road and 800mtrs of Katiula road.

Mr. Mbashila said the two roads are critical and require periodical maintenance as they are busy roads that the public usually use when commuting to and from Chipata.

He said the two roads get damaged due to heavy traffic and rains during the rainy season.

“The officers are working around the clock to ensure that the projects are completed before the rains get tense” Mr. Mbashila said.

The Council Secretary indicated that Council has also approved the rehabilitation of 3 culverts under the same funding at Samba Ukwatile, Chamchenga and Kabvumo.

The public should be made aware that among the 5 projects under this funding, Council has selected 2 culverts which are Samba Ukwatile and Chamchenga to be under full contract while the rest of the projects will be labour based.

Mr. Mbashila expressed gratitude to Central Government for ensuring that Chadiza continues to receive the support needed for its economic, social and cultural development.

He said many villages in the district get disconnected from the Central Business District CBD during the rainy season and this poses a great impact on the economy of Chadiza.

He encouraged members of the public to take part in Council programs and implored local contractors as well as contractors from outside the district to bid whenever there is an open bidding and to always visit Council for any clarification.

According to Council Public Relations Officer Canisius Mushibwe, the Council secretary said this when he toured the projects sites in company of the Director of Works Mr. Alick Musowoya.


  1. So it all depends on the local authority concerned to implement these CDF projects, some are dormant. Opposition councillors should not frustrate the good works of the ruling government. No kalijo apa. I’m sure most of the civic leaders would like to be re-elected in 2026. If they frustrate the works, no votes for them come 2026. They are not fixing the ruling party but themselves

  2. good job,
    my constituency somewhere there in same province have done nothing. And guess what, the MP is a woman. If we say something about CDF she claims we are mistreating her because she has breasts. I wish she would something for women.

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