Friday, February 23, 2024

Must we continue giving alms to street kids?


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst

We rescued him from the streets when nobody could even cast an eye on him. He had a festering wound on his leg……his clothes were oily and soiled. He could be seen scratching non stop, no doubt signs of lice!

Circumstances notwithstanding, we picked him up……openned the doors to our humble abode to him. We bathed him, clothed him and ensured his wound was attended to…… daily! We sought the best medication we could, consulted the best doctors we could find, bought the best medication our budget would allow!

After 3 weeks of being with him…… tagging him alone were ever we went – farm, town, offices……today he decided to escape and went back to his vomit after being sent to get some groceries!

This is a child that comes from a reasonable home. His dad is a pastor, his uncle a renowned reverand who is always in the news supposedly healing folks, and delivering them to Christ!

Upon making a follow up, we found him at Pick n Pay in Kitwe…… enjoying his glue as he was asking for handouts!

Must we continue giving alms to Street Kids? Those of that have been reading my posts would attest that my position has always been that we should always give help to these children we choose to call street kids! This has of course always earned me enemies from those in authority.

However, after this bitter experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that we shouldn’t give alms to Street Kids as doing so encourages them to be on the streets.

We need to adopt a firm approach to the problem of street kids otherwise we’ll keep going around circles.The kid we are referring to has both parents alive and they are engaged in productive activities enjoying all the appendages of life. He’s on the streets all because of freedom!

Way forward? We need to handle the problem of street kids firmly! Let’s round them up, take them to a secure place and keep a closer look on them as they undergo rehabilitation, restoration and skills training.


  1. Prince Bill M. Kaping’a you are not a social worker and dont pretend to be one …you have no idea what do when faced with such and issue or individuals with an addiction.

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