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105 people arrested in night operation in Mtendere


A joint operation by the Zambia Police Service, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Department of Immigration has resulted in the arrest of 105 persons in Lusaka’s Mtendere compound.

Among the arrested persons are nine women.

The 105 persons were arrested last night during an operation dubbed “Operation Maruda in Mtendere compound conducted by a combined team of officers from the Zambia Police Service, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Department of Immigration.

According to a joint press statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today, those arrested are aged between 17 and 51 years.

The statement was jointly signed by Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale, DEC Public Relations Officer, Hussain Khan and Acting Public Relations Officer for the Department of Immigration, Josephine Malambo.

“Officers swung into action around 21:00 hours in Mtendere compound and apprehended 105 suspects including nine women,” read the statement in part.

The statement indicates that among the suspects, 25 were picked for immigration related offences comprising 11 Burundians, seven Tanzanians, four Congolese, two Zimbabweans and one Rwandese.

One person was nabbed for a drug related offence while 79 were apprehended for idle and disorderly conduct.

All suspects are detained in police custody awaiting to be formally charged.

The statement stated that such operations will continue in an effort to rid the city of criminal elements.

Members of the public have since been called upon to cooperate with the officers and provide information which may be of help to the law enforcement agencies.


  1. Unless va paya bantu, otherwise release the Africans immediately! Go and catch the non Africans stealing your minerals and wildlife instead. That’s if you have guts.

    • That mentality will not lead us anywhere, yes they are Africans and our brothers and sisters but we need to have them documented so that they can feel safe and be able to access many other social , health and economical benefits legally. None of these people would be denied entry in Zambia but they simply need to follow the normal and correct procedure period. We we let every Jim and Jack to enter illegally then we must not complain when crimes are committed.

    • @The Observer, why should Africans have the need for documents in their own land? You mentioned “That mentality”, who in your eyes introduced the so called documents? Are you not the same people who complained when the South Africans started mistreating you? When has it ever been illegal to be idle in Zambia? you guys need to be serious otherwise your country will be stolen from you by the non Africans and you will need your brothers and sisters one day.

  2. How do u arrest someone for idling and loitering at 21:00 hrs around the pubs drinking the beers when there’s no curfew or any restrictions legally?

  3. Those laws were contemplated by colonialists to bring heavy handed deterrents to “clever” natives. We need to remodel our laws so that they are in keeping with modern realities. What, pray, is an operation anyway? What is an illegal African in another African country? There should be more humane ways to deal with such things than is currently subsisting.

  4. How can pack the jails with an offence such as idle and disorderly conduct…meanwhile big thieves who stole millions dont even see the inside of jail.

  5. KZ, real one unlike the UK impostor, will spend Christmas in remind prison. This is what we meant the law and wheels of justice slowly grinding but sure till KZ makes prison his home.

  6. “79 were apprehended for idle and disorderly conduct”…this is public order act being abused using BS laws inherited from wakolonis. Throw these charges OUT asap.

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