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Eddie Black discusses his upcoming album ‘Sir’


eddie black

Gospel Rapper Eddie Black is set to release his upcoming album is entitled ‘Sir’ in 2023.

Talking about the title of the album he had this to say; “I’ve been knighted. it will all make sense when you see the album cover lol. I’m a man under authority as the centurion said to Jesus”

Explaining the difference between his upcoming album and previous projects Eddie Black expressed that he always brings something different to his projects. “My producer, Peezey Cables, always has a way of making sure we create something different all the time. And it’s also from a different, more peaceful place for me so it’s a happy project I’d put it. No complaints, just thanksgiving in rap-form.”

speaking about the collaborations on the project , Eddie Black is not ready to spill the beans just yet. “I can’t disclose that yet, we are still selecting songs which will make it on the final project. So for that we’ll have to wait and see.”

As the release draws closer Black stated what he is most excited for; “Just the very thought of finishing and serving another album is exciting. I don’t like unfinished projects and I have been working on this since 2021 so I’ll be happy to be done and have people listen to it. I’m working on a few singles which may or may not feature on the album. Some music videos which I have not done in a while. Maybe a few shows, I miss the stage too.”

“Everything for me these days is as the spirit leads. From the beats to the lyrics to the producer, the featured artists. Whatsoever He says do, I do. Doesn’t matter how nice a song is or an idea may be, if the Lord says delete it then I delete it. My life is not my own anymore, I am a man under authority.

On what his fans can expect leading up to the release of ‘Sir’ , Eddie stated; “There are still fans that don’t know I’m doing gospel music now, so I’m excited for them to hear it all. Those that do know already have a feel of what to expect in terms of content but it’s never the same. God’s potential can’t be exhausted.”

eddie black

Many local artists are making use of various online streaming services to distribute their music. There is a debate as to whether the artists actually benefit from these streaming services. Eddie’s views on this were; “My number one benefit is to do the will of my Father in heaven. That means reaching as many people as possible using avenues available to us. My provision comes from Philippians 4:19. It’s a matter of perspective really. We are not after the same thing.”

Zambian music has been breaking international borders recently, Eddie Black expressed his delight at this;  “I’m so proud of the strides Zambian music has taken in the recent past and we are on the right path. More and more artists are rising, if we continue doing this we’ll have our place on the global market. One day very soon we’ll have multiple grammys and many international accolades for Zambian artists”

Divalging what 2023 has in store : “More Jesus less Eddie Black.”




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