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There’s a need to return the Civil Service to Professional Civil Servants


By Fred M’membe

There’s a need to return the civil service to professional civil servants if we are to see a reversal of fortunes.

Politicians in government need to be assisted by highly knowledgeable, experienced and competent professional civil servants for them to operate in an efficient, effective and orderly manner. Countries that have done well economically and otherwise have very professional civil servants. One good heritage from the British we have lost is that of a professional, orderly and disciplined civil service.

The successes of Singapore can, to a great measure, be attributed to its very efficient, effective and orderly professional civil service. It is the same with China. Chinese civil service entry exams are the most dreaded – they are almost like sitting for ZIALE exams. The United States has a very orderly and strict professional civil service.
Mr Hakainde Hichilema had raised very high expectations about his appointments to Cabinet, civil service, foreign service and parastatals. What can one today fairly and truthfully say about his appointments? What mark can one give him out of ten?

But the same mouth and wagging tongue of Mr Hichilema that exalts these appointments complains about the poor performance of these appointees as if they were ordained on him by our Creator. What a contradiction!

The problem with Mr Hichilema is that he often doesn’t mean what he says. If you really want to know where he stands follow what he does and not what he says. This is probably why Dr Kenneth Kaunda found him a danger to this country, and both presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata concluded he was dishonest, a liar.


  1. There is need to strictly maintain a clear divide between:
    . Political roles; and
    . Professional roles in our National Governance!!!

  2. President HH is my number one President this country has ever had but the appointment of Pilato as PS, leaves much to be desired. Anyway they say everybody deserves a chance at life. Let’s wait and see.

  3. I agree with Fred. The UPND have apportioned blame for their failures to the civil service saying they’re PF sympathizers that are frustrating them. But look at most of the new appointments that have been made, isn’t HH doing the same thing that he’s condemning? Most of the people he’s appointed into the civil service will go with him when he leaves office. So this isn’t the meritocracy that he promised us. What’s wrong with promoting from within those that are serving? What value has Jason Kabanana added to that Ministry? Let me remind Musa Mwenye that there’s the case of the hired plane that never landed despite the contractor being paid. There’s still no info as to whether the Ministry has been refunded.

  4. Cde Membe……….

    I we are waiting for ypu to contradict the president and his press conference ???

    Has the president rebuffed all your lies and shut you ??????

  5. I thought all these muzungus have never done anything that we can admire? But of course this is our man, the Last Standing Soldier for Socialism. He knows not whether he cometh or goeth. Always contradicting himself from statement to statement.

    Zambians don’t really care what Kaunda, Mwanawansa or Sata thought about HH. They may have been Presidents, but even they would have had one vote had they voted.

    Singapore did not become Singapore in 18 months, and 11 years of abuse, destruction of the Zambian civil services cannot be fixed in 18 months.

  6. A political failure & tribal hating demagogue like Fred Mmembe has no right trying to advise a very very successful President & his party.

    Stick with your fellow tribalists in the PF.. they may need you there. We don’t want your nonsense in our UPND

  7. Injipusheko mukwai, bushe kwaliba umuntu uwafyalwa na experience nangula civil servant. Please bo Fred musiye kulyanganisa sichaba, you are always criticising as opposed to offering solutions. What is the difference between your political party and the one in power now, both your ideologies are based on European governance system. Bo Mmembe you don’t have anything African to offer the masses apart from your Eastern European ideas and nothing good has ever come out of Europe for Africans.

  8. Would this be the launch of a “Project” to share tax payers’ money in a season with abundant rains? Further to Dr. Mmembe’s knowledge of the British Civil Service structure, South Africa has a similar Govt structure where a Ministry consists of Departments each headed by a Director. In each Ministry Directors are headed by the Director-General – equivalent to Permanent Secretary in Zambia. A Director General is a Chief Advisor to the Minister. What role would Hon. Pilato play if his Minister was to hold crucial talks with foreign dignitaries? What kind of Civil Service is evolving in Zambia? We are sorry for the plight of Govt Ministers. We are missing the British hilarious comedy series titled: “YES MINISTER” and “YES PRIME MINISTER”.

    • Cde Membe, but you bitterness aside , you are also sounding like that Tarino Orange on LT who does not stop complaining about everything and anything………..

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