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Town Council repose 52 plots from applicants that have failed to make any payment


Chasefu Town Council has repossessed 52 plots from applicants that have failed to make any payment to the local authority. District Town Council Secretary, Kennedy Bwalya says the repossessed plots include commercial and high cost, medium cost and the low cost residential plots, respectively.

Engineer Bwalya disclosed this during a special council meeting held at Emusa Day Secondary School in Chasefu on Thursday. The development follows several reminders to individuals who were offered plots but they have failed to honour their obligation to the local authority.

“I wish to report to the council that following the previous meeting of plans, works and development committee meeting a resolution was made to repossess the plots from individuals who had not paid anything to the council”, Eng. Bwalya said.

Among the plots repossessed includes 17 High cost, 31 Medium cost, 03 low cost and a medium commercial plot. The local authority will re-advertise the plots that have been repossessed to the public.

And according to directive from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, all council employees who were offered plots have been allowed to pay plot premium installments for a maximum period of one year, he said.

“Therefore management is seeking approval that payment plan be categorized as follows: employees in Division 1 and 2 pay for premiums within the period of six months, employees in Division 3, 4 and councillors pay for plot premiums within the period of 12 months”, Eng. Bwalya said.

Meanwhile, the Chasefu town council have increased the number of plots allocated from 2022’s 120 to 150 in 2023, to create demand from developers.


  1. Where is Tarino to open the complaint lines with his none stop complaining and moaning about anything and everything………….??

  2. Hahaha life mu upnd. Nobwino. People are suffering.
    I am here at my farm. Enjoying peace, love and good food and expensive drinks with my most loved ones. What more can I ask for Jesus? Meanwhile the upnd cadres and supporters who are defending hh and his failures are starving and will eat katapa for Christmas. F00lish hahahaha fuseke

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