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Vice President calls on Local Authorities y to pass by-laws which will introduce penalties for people who buy products on the streets


Vice President WK Mutale Nalumangohas has called on Local Authorities in the country to pass by-laws which will introduce penalties for people who buy products on the streets.

Mrs Nalumango said that the by-laws will deter people from buying from street vendors and in the long run this will lead the vendors returning to established markets.

“Buying from streets should come to an end across the country stressing that government is constructing markets to give dignity to traders,” she added

The Vice President was speaking when she officially opened the refurbished Lusaka City Market which was gutted in July 2017.

The Zambia National Service – ZNS officially handed over the refurbished Lusaka City Market to the Government, the Market was refurbished by the Zambia National Service under the supervision of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit – DMMU.

And Mrs Nalumango also announced that Simon Mwewa Lane Market will be opened soon while the construction of a new market at Munyaule in Lusaka will also start soon to increase trading places.

The Republican Vice President mentioned that the completion of the infrastructure by ZNS was a testimony to the New Dawn Government’s commitment of transforming and uplifting the livelihoods of marketers and traders.

“I must mention that the gallant men and women in uniform have done a commendable job and deserve a pat on the back. I thank you and wish to urge you to continue with the harmonious civil and military coordination,” Mrs. Nalumango said

She commended the quality of works on the facility adding that the trend should be replicated on other projects being undertaken by the Service, adding that the Government has further commended the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit – DMMU, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and the Lusaka City Council and the Zambia National Service – ZNS for a successful collaboration to see the rehabilitation of Lusaka’s city market come to fruition.

Meanwhile, Local Government Minister Gary Nkombo has urged all street vendors who were displaced to return to the Market.

Mr Nkombo added that the market is expected to accommodate about 4,000 traders from different walks of life.

“The Government does not want to see people trading on the streets because it is illegal,” he noted

Mr Nkombo expressed concern with the increasing number of street vendors and the number of people abandoning designated market stalls to trade in undesignated places.

He cited that with the completion of the city market, it is expected that all traders who have been allocated shops and stalls in the market but opt to operate in the streets, must move back.

The Minister directed the Lusaka City Council to ensure that the instruction of making sure that traders operate in designated places is strictly enforced.

And Lusaka City Mayor, Ms Chilando Chitangala said that the handing over of the city market is a huge milestone for the Local Authority as it will help reduce the number of street vendors in the central business district.

Ms Chitangala encouraged all traders who have been given back the stands to fully operate from the market as this will also help the Local Authority to manage waste.

“I further urged all traders operating from the CBD to uphold cleanliness at all times especially during this period of the rainy season which usually has a high prevalence of diarrhea diseases such as cholera,” she said

Meanwhile, Kanyama Member of Parliament Monty Chinkuli said that those traders who benefited from loans and grants under the Constituency Development Funds will now have a decent place to trade from.

And Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit – DMMU National Coordinator Dr. Gabriel Pollen said that the traders will appreciate the usefulness of the facility with the onset of the rains.

The handover of Lusaka’s City Market was yesterday attended by Deputy ZNS Commander and Chief of Staff Major General Reuben Mwewa, Cabinet Ministers, Secretary to Cabinet and other Government officials.

Fire swept through the Southern part of the market on 4th July 2017, gutting more than 1,300 stalls and valuable merchandise while 529 stalls had their roof removed to prevent the fire from spreading further.


  1. This is a government of delusional men and women. One moment HH is telling vendors one thing, after they vote he sends his VP to tell vendors the opposite. What the VP does not seem to know is that we have been this road before of bye laws. We do not need news ones but just a matter of enforcing those that have been shelved. Even spitting in public is prohibited by the law. Ask Sata MHSRIP when he was local government Minister. The question we need to ask ourselves is why do vendors prefer the streets and why people buy from vendors.

    • The main question is why do people prefer to buy from street vendors. This is free market economy and as such people will buy from the cheapest vendor. So bana Lumango must start from there……research

    • if HH resigns today due to businesses mix up, we still have a President in waiting… that is President Nalumango. She looks ready. But money is good, look how nice the madam is looking now, nabakashika!!

  2. Unworkable……

    Number of Steet traders directly linked to high unemployment………….

    Concentrate on fixing the economy to provide jobs , while you doing that………

    Allow people to earn living by Street hawking………..

  3. This is like ZP arresting the people who buy crack cocaine from the streets and ignoring the dealers…the Politicans are afraid of the vendors beacause they know is a hot potato

  4. Subsequent governments have failed to control street vending because they see it as a vote bank and therefore ignore existing legislature and turn a blind eye towards them while at the same time giving lip service to show that they are following the laws.

  5. I agree with the veepee. It’s like the way Zambia Police will arrest a prostitute but leave alone the man buying the service!

  6. We warned you that they just used you for your votes and now you have been tossed away like the condom I used on your ugly wlves.

    I am here at my farm. Enjoying peace, love and good food and expensive drinks with my most loved ones. What more can I ask for Jesus? Meanwhile the upnd cadres and supporters who are defending hh and his failures are starving and will eat katapa for Christmas. F00lish hahahaha fuseke

  7. Fuseke embwa shamelessly lying above. MCS and PF promised in 2010 to regularize street vending in a bid to gain votes.

  8. I truly feel sorry for our VP, I think she is just a figurehead in to that office…. Her boss does not share things with her.

  9. But one thing you should know. Street vendors don’t vote. These people love money and selling. They don’t have time to be one queues to vote. Trust me, they don’t vote.. The veep is a comedian.. ati arrest those who buy.. Kikikiki it the same as arrest a person whose goods have been stolen for not locking the door of his house kikikiki

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