Wednesday, April 24, 2024

PF Youth considering protests on Copperbelt in solidarity with “struggling citizens”


Robert Kapyanga, Member of Parliament for Mpika, has announced that Patriotic Front (PF) youths are considering organizing protests on the Copperbelt region in support of those who are struggling to put food on their tables. Kapyanga stated that the youths are consulting with the party leadership about the matter, and that the Inspector General of Police will also be informed. The MP made these comments during a press conference with other PF MPs in Lusaka.

According to Kapyanga, the high cost of living in Zambia has significantly increased under the United Party for National Development (UPND) government, making it difficult for many people to afford basic necessities.

“We were expecting that the Zambian people would be able to buy a bag of mealie meal for K50, a litre of petrol for K12, and a bag of fertilizer for K250, but that is not the case and we can’t just keep waiting,” he said.

The MP demanded that the government fulfil its campaign promises, stating that Zambia would be a better country if the UPND government had done so. He even suggested that the government could use the PF manifesto if they do not have their own.

Kapyanga also criticized the UPND government for failing to deliver on its promise to secure an investment of $15 billion.

“He only managed to negotiate for $150 million investment, that’s just 1%… yet in 2021 we were told that he would actually deliver the $25 billion investment and he was elected on that promise,” he said.

The MP urged the UPND government to use Christmas Eve to apologize to citizens for their lies.

In addition to addressing the economic challenges facing the country, Kapyanga also spoke about the need for political unity and stability. He called on all political parties to work together for the benefit of the nation and its people.

“We need to put aside our political differences and come together as one. We are all Zambians and we should prioritize the well-being of our country above our own interests,” he said.


    • What has happened to all that stolen money you were sharing in Okwa bags? At least your friend below is still enjoying;
      Kaizar Zulu December 23, 2022
      I am here at my farm. Enjoying peace, love and good food and expensive drinks with my most loved ones. What more can I ask for Jesus? Meanwhile the upnd cadres and supporters who are defending hh and his failures are starving and will eat katapa for Christmas. F00lish hahahaha fuseke

  1. PF have no money to rent crowds and bribe unemployed anymore…………

    GRZ is being systematic in squeezing their source of funds intended to cause confusion………..

    Let’s see how many so called youth you can call upon ????

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