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Kawana apologizes for outrage over Christmas gift car purchased through government financing scheme


Thabo Kawana, the Ministry of Information Media Director and Spokesperson, has apologized for causing outrage on social media after pictures circulated of him presenting his wife with a car as a Christmas gift. The images were shared on social media, leading to questions about how he could afford the vehicle and accusations of flaunting wealth.

Many questioned why Kawana and his family had chosen to flaunt the pictures to the public, while others questioned how a civil servant could afford such an expensive gift. In response, Kawana explained that he had acquired the car through a financing scheme offered to public workers by the Public Service Micro Finance Company (PSMFC).

Under this scheme, public workers are eligible for loans to purchase assets including farming equipment, building materials, and duty-free motor vehicles from partnering dealers. After assessment of their payslip, workers can choose which vehicle they qualify for from which dealer. The car is then placed on a “red book” for the next five years, until the loan is paid off with agreed monthly deductions.

In a statement, Mr Kawana expressed remorse for any distress caused by the circulation of the pictures, particularly in light of Zambia’s recent history of leaders flaunting wealth while the majority struggled. He also apologized to the country’s president and to the opposition party, the United National Party for Development (UPND), and its alliance partners for any negative perception caused by the incident.

“Allow me to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize, firstly to the members of the public for the distress and trauma this episode has caused when people were supposed to be enjoying with their families but instead, were made to recall the distasteful recent past were leaders flaunted ill gotten wealth to a struggling majority,” Kawana said. “Secondly, allow me to apologize to our Republican President who has led an exemplary life espousing the importance of service to the people before self.”

Mr Kawana went on to apologize to the UPND and its alliance partners for setting a “very bad perception” and misrepresenting the values and norms that the party stands for.


    • How is it that yesterday’s ordinary people, turned politicians are now flaunting luxury lifestyle today? If any Zambian was under the impression that UPND was different from corrupt PF here’s your answer. Zambia will face unprecedented episodes of corruption at the hands of UPND. The sad thing is no one in government cares for Zambia later on moved to defend it from these criminals.

    • HH needs to act staying quiet is not an option, you call yourselves “New Dawn” but in actual fact you are just becoming PF Part 2…I mean this guy is supposed to be the face of your govt. This is a guy who we be telling the media that UPND led govt is tightening its belt to pay off debt when he himself can not manage debt I mean who goes out to get a loan of $60K to procure a wasting asset like a vehicle as gift for his partner…he thinks he is an elite footballer. I was reading comments on FB and most civil servants were wondering how this man after less than 2 years in civil service qualifies for such a huge loan. How can we clear the debt if our senior civil servants enjoy such luxuaries? In developed countries not even a PS qualifies for such excesses…in Zambia MPs are entitled…

  1. If we truly want to develop Zambia and fight
    corruption then it’s about time Zambians start holding government officials accountable… the USA every penny that you make is reported to the IRS and Banks also are on a lookout for money laundering and suspicious transactions but in Zambia its just all talk…Ministers are stealing money every day and not even one has been sent to jail for theft…..just mention one Minister who has been sentenced apart from Henry Kapoko who was just a small fish as compared to how much Ministers are embezzling…Kawana is now onre of the richest Ministers just less than 2 years in office whilst the majority of Zambians are struggling to make ends meet….

  2. In Malawi the vice president was arrested and he is still under investigation….but in Zambia it’s just blah blah blah…Kawana needs to be arrested and DEC should do investigations….these guys are stealing left right and center… wonder known Bandit Kelvin Sampa joined them….Kawana has graduated very fast

  3. So in Zambia you just steal and once caught you just apologize… this the new way of fighting corruption…..remember Kakubo meeting a Chinese ambassador on a Sunday and receiving a brown envelope…..the story just died…what about Chushi Kasanda Fertilizer scandals….what about the 48 houses….what about Esther Lungu’s 15 apartments….Faith Musonda etc am sure they all apologized and looting continues…. Kawana exposed himself as a Bandit…it looks like UPND has lost direction because they’re busy doing what PF was doing

    Meanwhile the road from Sesheke to Livingstone is in deplorable condition also the Lundazi Chipata road is a death trap

  4. You are now a joke…………..

    Your poor judgement has taken this GRZ back in time…………

    In any serious government you should have resigned…………

    • “In any serious government you should have resigned…”
      So how can he resign when he just took out a $60K loan? Why dont you rephrase and say “in any serious govt he should have been fired…he is not even a minister or MP that UPND would risk a seat in Parliament. HH is squarely to blame for this man and that ministry where he has placed incompetent people in there what happened to picking people on merit? HH can easily handpick a seasoned civil servant in that role who is not a vuvuzela and also get a competent MP like SP Minister Mweetwa as Information Minister but he wont. Time for reshuffle is now but he is holding back.
      Spaka you are the JOKE here and one man cant take the whole UPND led govt back in time…would it have helped if he didnt post those photos!!

  5. HH promised shortcuts to prosperity…it has really worked for himself and his Ministers…just less than 2 years in office and his Ministers are throwing money all over Lusaka…Mutinta flying to Dubai for shopping using the Presidential jet…..wasting of tax payers money and HH is fighting corruption…HOW???? why is Kakubo not under investigation ….why is Chushi Kasanda not under investigation..why is Kampyongo,Lusambo,Malanji still roaming the streets when they’re supposed to be in Jail for theft and corruption

  6. Zambia under PF…..ubomba mwibala alya mwibala

    Zambia under UPND…steal…get caught and apologize

    Looks like we just need to find a way of getting rid of all Politicians

  7. Why are our Presidents afraid of removing officers who are tarnishing the image of their government? We have a lot of Zambians who can do any of these jobs. Why stick to a few who are not even performing? ECL was the same. ‘Show me proof’ he used to say when everybody knew what was going on. Well, he can now wait for that proof out of State house. The people spoke their language.

  8. The man did not steal……….he is not that dull.

    It was extremely poor judgement on his part……….

    This however highlights the fact that…………

    perks and salaries of government hierarchy are too high for a country like zambia struggling under debt with most citizens struggling to eat………..

    We hope the IMF deal addresses these lucrative GRZ perks and conditions for these officials…………..

  9. A very unwise decision indeed! Getting a loan to buy a wasting asset and I am surprised that the wife could not show him the errors of his ways but accept a gift that will becosting them an arm and a leg in insurance, road tax, service and maintenance costs! He should have got a loan to buy a house or farming equipment that will bring in money. Please ladies, do not allow expressions of love to be irrational.

    • Charles Ngoma – This is why we as Africans are poor we dont know the difference between an asset and liability…if something were to happen to him today the bank would get that car even if there is $500 left to pay. I bet you he knows he will pay off that loan in 12 months time as he know he will stumble in some ca$h.

  10. 60,000 usd is little pocket change to a man like me who has worked for many decades and owns a myriad of businesses in zambia and abroad. However, kawana who was just a mere beggar less than 2 years ago cannot justify spending such money on his wife . I thought this f00I was leaving his wife. It was reported he was separating. Must be his side chick. Regardless, this f00I is stealing

  11. Somewhere in Europe a queen asked why the people were protesting outside her palace:
    Guard: They don’t have bread for food.
    Queen: Then let them buy cake.
    In Zambia the only patriots were Kenneth Kaunda and his colleagues. There after we have had only ba punka.
    Someone benefitted from privatization and is brave enough to challenge for evidence of his misdeeds……it is not there because he worked in collusion with Chiluba and colleagues. You wonder why Nawakwi talks then goes quiet….and this man threatens her with litigation but it just end in threats? They both know the truth will implicate both of them.


    • But you will be the same people saying HH has no heart when you see Nawakwi being bundled in a Prison Truck to serve her sentence!!

    • Tarino Orange I am not the same people……let the truth set us free is my motto. Nawaki is not a special person and your man if he was serous he would have let the truth come out and if he has got a good hear then forgive her. That way people will know that the man is innocent. Besides this would be civil case so how could be bundled in a truck other than losing her possessions to pay the person she accused falsely.?

  12. This Kawana guy is still raw in the head, childish and lacks administrative etiquette. He is too excited and never dreamt of being in a senior position.

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