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Zambezi teachers undergo sexual reproductive training


More than 16 Guidance and Counselling Teachers have been trained in Sexuality Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) in Zambezi district in North-western Province.

Save Environment and People’s Agency Chief Executive Officer Mailes Muke says it has become imperative to train teachers on SRHR because of the critical roles they have in the life of many learners

Ms. Muke said most learners spend much of their time in school where teachers are responsible for all adolescents’ challenges.

Speaking during a four-day training workshop in Zambezi district in Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CES) and life skills, Ms Muke says teachers have a critical role to play in ending child marriages, teenage pregnancies, and stopping illicit activities such as beer drinking among others, hence the need to equip them with knowledge on SRHR.

She said school has always been the second home for most learners hence the need to bring teachers on board.

Ms Muke stressed the need for teachers to have a strong demonstration and understanding of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, lifestyles and Health Education as teachers will help address the challenges adolescents face in their daily lives.

The Chief Executive Officer noted that it has become imperative to train teachers on sexual reproductive health rights because they are the ones who spend much of the time with learners.

“Time has come when we need to bring our teachers together and help end these illicit vices our children are engaging in without understanding what they are doing,” she said.

Ms Muke further called on stakeholders to come on board and supplement government’s efforts saying that putting an end to illicit activities needs concerted efforts from all sectors of life.

She added that while parents have the duty to inculcate good morals in their children, teachers have the responsibility to shape morals and values that are taught at home.

Ms Muke has since urged teachers to become ambassadors of social and behavioural change among Adolescents while stressing the need for them to demonstrate their understanding of sexual reproductive in their various schools.

And Zambezi Standards Education Officer Gillan Kabelenga says the District Education Board Secretary’s (DEBS) office has high expectations from the teachers who have undergone training.

Mr Kabelenga said now that teachers are well vested with matters on Complexity Sexuality Education through SRHR, the district expects them to transform the lives of young children especially the learners who are in their custody

Meanwhile, one of the teachers Gladys Chileshe thanked SEPA and FAWEZA for the gesture saying that the knowledge acquired will help transform the lives of adolescents especially when it comes to complexity sexuality matters.

Ms Chileshe has since promised to create a network of people on adolescent issues.


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    • I was born in the 70s and the afro reminds me of the liberated black women then. Not these horse haired ones of today

  2. This is nonsense . When words like ‘sexuality and rights’ are used in one sentence they subtly imply homosexuality.
    That is what this is about. They are slowly introducing school children to homosexuality.
    And that is ‘THE NEW DAWN’ government.
    2026 is too long to endure this under-five disaster you are calling a government

    • South africa the white world’s big experiment in Africa already has started teaching kids sex and lgbti. Cecil Rhodes is colonizing Africa from Cape onwards to Cairo

  3. This rubbish is happening in rural areas where they are deceiving people. Why is the so called church quiet about this nonsense

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