Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Over 50 houses to be demolished in Kabushi Constituency


Over 50 houses that have been built over the 42-inch sewer pipelines in Kabushi Constituency in Ndola are set to be demolished to pave way for the rehabilitation of the sewer system by Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company (KWSC).

KWSC Acting Director Technical Services Rabson Ngulube said most of the houses in Kabushi were constructed closer to the sewer pipeline making it difficult for the utility firm to conduct rehabilitation works.

He explained that houses are supposed to be constructed 10 meters away from the sewer pipeline but after investigating it has been discovered that a lot of households are closer to the sewer pipe.

Mr Ngulube said the 42-inch sewer pipe drains all waste from Masala, Kabushi, Lubuto and Mushili townships in the southern part of Ndola to the reservoir.

He added that the 42-inch sewer pipe is very big and does not need human strength but machinery to be lifted hence the need for some structures to be demolished to allow the machinery to easily move.

Mr Ngulube noted with sadness that there are some people who are also constructing ponds which were selected to dispose off sewer ponds making it difficult for the utility company to conduct its rehabilitation works.

Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri said it is sad to note that some people have built houses on top of the sewer line adding that they will have to move and find other suitable places to construct their houses.

Recently Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike Mposha directed Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri, the Ndola City council and KWSC to ensure that people do not encroach on water and sanitation pipe lines.

Mr Mposha expressed disappointment that people built on top of the sewer pipeline adding that it was lawlessness that needed to be resolved.


  1. Although the people are wrong to build near service installation, the action will only make people lose confidence in that MP who promised to bring Kabushi to Lusaka standards.

    • Deja Vu – You have just stated that its wrong but you still carry on commenting …if you want to bring an area to a certain standard this is the starting point. I know you are a cavalier type of guy who takes a relaxed approach to rules and regulation.
      P.S I hope your house was not one of these properties…

    • Where was the council and the KWSC when the construction was going on?

      The two must also be sanctioned for negligence.

  2. This is the Christmas present HH has given the poor people of kabushi. Disgusting govt. Destroying peoples humble homes meanwhile kawana is buying show room cars for his wife.

    I am very merry. Haply new year, I am at my home with those that I love. It has been an eventful year but with the love of those that love me, I have survived an assassination attempt by the upnd thugs. I am drinking a bottle of dom perignon. I love my wife Regina and my kids and my entire family

    Happy new year to all my supporters and pf members. Sad new year to upnd supporters

  3. The new doom government doesn’t have the poor at heart, A pipe installation you can change the direction, it’s not important if it were foreigners who built on the said place because this new doom government loves foreigners then its own people iam they would have come up with plan B. And praise singers are busy supporting pit yourself in their shoes!
    Anyway new doom party is a pro rich party, the poor will suffer.
    This year mealie meal will reach K 250.00 in some places it’s already at K 200.00 no heart of the poor.

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