Friday, June 14, 2024

PF Presidential Hopeful Criticizes Hichilema Administration, Rates Performance at 30%


Brian Mundubile, presidential hopeful for the Patriotic Front (PF) party, has criticized the performance of President Hakainde Hichilema and his administration. Speaking in Mansa on Sunday, Mundubile claimed that no significant sector in Zambia is thriving under Hichilema’s leadership and that, besides speeches made by the President and his supporters, no sober Zambian would rate the administration above 35%.

Mundubile cited complaints from the youth about unemployment, miners, and shortages of drugs in poor areas as evidence of the poor performance of the current administration. He also expressed his belief that rating Hichilema’s performance at 30% is more than fair, and that many Zambians would actually give the administration a lower rating.

In addition to criticizing the state of the economy and social issues, Mundubile also addressed the issue of fuel prices in Zambia. He stated that the only time Zambians will celebrate a change in prices is when they go below K15, as that was the price when the United Party for National Development (UPND) took power.

Furthermore, Mundubile accused the President of focusing on speeches and travel abroad instead of addressing the suffering of Zambian citizens.

“So Mr President, I think it’s high time, now that this is the first day of the year to sit and reflect upon the sufferings of the Zambian people. I think that is the biggest assignment you have right now. So, to assume that you are doing well when the reality on the ground is different, I think is not a way to go,” he said.


  1. I rate him at minus 30.

    This is not a normal hangover. I am convinced upnd thugs spiked my drink on new years at chicagos

  2. …… and reflect upon the sufferings of the Zambian people. Did PF govt ever care about the suffering of Zambians? If anything Zambia is in this mess because of PF govt.

  3. Kainyokolile Tombolilo Zulu,
    I can see your tribal bigotry against HH especially for defeating your fellow Malawian cousin Mr Mutaware Jonathan Lungu yaku NYOKOLA namanje! Uzafela po chabe mambala iwe, I would advise you to concentrate on your assault court cases because I hear Kavindele’s sons are also coming for your throat for attempting to shoot them dead at the Flying Club when Mutaware was still in power. Unomwaha u nyelile wena!


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