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Chingola’s Kokoliko FM Radio Station threaten to sue UPND cadres who disrupted a radio programme featuring Chilufya Tayali


Chingola’s Kokoliko FM Radio Station has threatened to sue United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres that disrupted a radio programme that featured Economic and Equity Party (EEP) controversial President Chilufya Tayali during the New Year weekend.

Kokoliko Radio Director Charles Mubonda said he knows the UPND cadres that attacked the radio station on 31st December, 2022.

Mr. Mubonda said the named cadres are sometimes found with Minister of Commerce and Chingola Central Member of Parliament Chipoka Mulenga.

He said it was unfortunate that the UPND cadres harassed and assaulted the staff at Kokoliko FM besides disrupting the radio programme.

“I want to register my disappointment by the behavior of the UPND cadres who stormed the radio station while we had a paid-for programme as we hosted Chilufya Tayali. I will upload the video for you all to see soon and you will see how the staff was harassed. What are you scared of? And how do you expect staff to be paid, you are lucky I was attending to other things. I will sue the ring leader for threatening violence, loss of business and trespassing. I will sue them in their personal capacity for criminal trespass,” Mr. Mubonda said.

He expressed shock and concern that Police in Chingola are yet to arrest the suspect despite the radio station formally complaining to the authority.

Meanwhile, the cadres went on to prevent Mr. Tayali from featuring on a planned radio programme at Mafkeni Radio Station in Mufulira on the day that followed.

The cadres line up around Mafukeni Radio Station to block Mr. Tayali from entering the premises of the media institution.

“UPND cadres are moving about in the rains, from one Radio station to the next because they are scared that I will have another interview in Kitwe, but I have abandoned that mission, for now, instead I will talk from Lusaka on my page. On my page I reach more people than on Radio, so. It’s just good to interact with people on Radio but soon I will be calling in on my page as well.

Tonight, I will explain what happened in the Copperbelt, but tomorrow, I will offload everything from my chest on Muvi TV, so make sure you tune in. These are cadres keeping vigil at Mafken Radio Station in Mufulira, just to make sure that I don’t speak to the people. UPND claims I am not a factor and I lie, I am offering them my paid up time on Radio or TV with their best speakers so that people can hear and judge for themselves. Allow me to be on Radio or TV with you, I will pay. I am in Mufulira for a scheduled Radio program, from 15:00hrs to 17:00hrs, but UPND cadres have sieged the Radio station preventing me from entering the building. They are also threatening the Radio station not to air any program of mine even on Phone. I have just survived another lynching by UPND cadres who stormed into Kokoliko studios to discontinue the interview. They took me out and ejected me out of Chingola,” Mr. Tayali stated.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front (PF) Kamfinsa Member of Parliament and PF National Youth Chairperson Christopher Kang’ombe has said President Hakainde Hichilema, who is also the UPND Party President, must condemn the attack on Mr. Tayali.

Mr. Kangombe described the attack on Mr. Tayali as nonsense and urged Police to take action.

“Unruly UPND members disturbing radio programs in Chingola and Mufulira.I have had an opportunity to watch and review two video clips with the following content; UPND Members proudly claiming they chased a Zambian citizen by the name of Chilufya Tayali from Chingola and even prevented him from appearing on Kokoliko FM on 31st of December 2022.UPND members again, proudly preventing the same Zambian Citizen, Chilufya Tayali from appearing on Mafken Radio in Mufulira, today 1st January 2023,” he said.

“My reaction; one, the Zambia Police service should not allow this nonsense to continue and must summon the perpetrators. Two, the UPND leadership should not sanction such undemocratic behavior as it has no place in modern society.

Three, The President of the Republic of Zambia , who is also the UPND Party President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema must condemn this assault on the freedoms and rights of Mr. Chilufya Tayali who is also a leader for an opposition political party called EEP,” Mr. Kang’ombe said.

Meanwhile, UPND National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso has issued a warning to party members, reminding them that the opposition should be allowed to express themselves freely and that the party does not condone such behavior.

He has also apologized to the media for the harassment suffered by Economic and Equity Party leader Chilufya Tayali during recent incidents in the Mufulira and Chingola districts, in which Tayali was prevented from appearing on two radio programmes.


  1. We are slowly going back to PF days..please just sue these UPND chaps and get your money if this is left unchecked we will go back to cadres and Ruling MPs declaring no go areas for opponents. Surely what can Tayali say that you can be scared of??

    • PAZA and MISA should lead this court action. This is not Saudi Arabia. We have freedom of speech. UPND cant come and gag us. Who are they?

  2. So, Bo Gilbert who is provoking others to anger, you sound like aiding and abetting for the president to be insulted because of the removal of the law of defamation. Look what Chilofya Tayali has just said that former president Lungu was not foolish and all previous president maintained that law while president HH has removed it. Chilufya thinks has now the leverage to insult, typical of his up bringing – insulting as part of his DNA. NO NO NO NO Ikona mani, Zambians have values that need defending. Prompt the Police to look into laws that can make Tayali be imprisoned. He will be lynched alive in the streets or effect a citizen arrest by Zambians. The good part of all this is individuals to be sued and not UPND. The party abhors violence and thuggery.

  3. Personal attacks on HH by this scum bag is not freedom of speech! Let him debate issues on what he is going to do if elected. Saying HH is mad or liar is not going to Tayali elected. What policies has he got to offer?

    • Who is Hakainde not to be criticized. He used to criticize Lungu to an extent of not recognizing him as the president. It is only an ***** like you who wants to worship a demigod. As long as his promises are not fulfilled he will be criticized. He lied and has continued lying and you want people to keep quiet.Rubbish!!!

  4. Violence begets violence , you set a bad precedent ba PF and now the forward party has begun going dununa reverse, what a shame.

    • Tony don’t blame PF this is just the character of these chaps. You can’t tell the court that you stole because you saw other people stealing.

  5. Zambia is a democracy; we’re NOT in a communist revolution – where, “cadres” tend to act above the law! We have a lawfully appointed Police force. Why then, are cadres being given “carte blanche” to harass & intimidate citizens who might refuse to toll the Party line? The very idea this ‘group’ still exits today – despite citizens’ outcry – says a lot about the state of politics in Zambia, and the broken norms of law & order procedure. Disappointing.

  6. Respected radio stations should deny airspace to people who just come to insult people for selfish ends… We should have serious radio and other media outlets that have the balls to stop an interview when someone is just dishing insults or accusing other people without any shade of evidence.

    • Why should they stop anyone from expressing themselves. Let HH sue anyone who ” insults” him instead of you taking the law in hands…. remember after change of government you will be arrested as per Kajoba formula

  7. chilufya should control and term his tongue . tth pf hopeful presidents sould also advise their master Tayali not to to do barbaric things deliberately otherwise everyone in tha group shall bear the index of foolishness

  8. PAZA and MISA should lead this court action. This is not Saudi Arabia. We have freedom of speech. UPND cant come and gag us. Who are they?

  9. Don’t believe those crocodile apologies from UPND. This is a political party of liars, they say something in the public but do exactly the opposite in the night or behind the scenes.

  10. That is the right approach to take, sue those thugs.
    I guess this is the first time this has happened that a Radio Station is standing up to sue the thugs. Let’s NOT even politicize this issue, instead everyone should support the Radio Station in their pursuit to sue those bunch of i.dio.ts.

  11. chilufya should control and term his tongue . tth pf hopeful presidents sould also advise their master Tayali not to to do barbaric things deliberately otherwise everyone in tha group shall bear the index of foolishness

  12. Warned and cautioned and released on bond just like those who attacked a clinic and destroyed property in Kwacha… the case will not go anywhere.

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