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Youth activist warns of impending dictatorship in Zambia under current leadership


Youth activist, Owen Hambwezya, has raised alarm about the state of leadership in Zambia, saying that the country is in the wrong hands. In an interview with local media, Hambwezya warned that if citizens do not take action, a strong dictator will emerge in the country.

Reflecting on the past year, Hambwezya noted that it had been a period of ups and downs due to the lack of leadership from those elected in 2021. He specifically criticized the performance of the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema, saying that they have fallen short of the expectations of the majority of Zambians who voted in the August 2021 general elections.

Hambwezya accused the UPND and President Hichilema of focusing on political battles rather than delivering on their promises of economic, social, and moral change for all Zambians. He said that instead of working to benefit the people of Zambia, the UPND and President Hichilema have been preoccupied with fighting political battles that will not create jobs or improve the lives of citizens.

Furthermore, Hambwezya accused President Hichilema of failing to address corruption and lawlessness among his top officials in government. He pointed to a report from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) against some named ministers as evidence of this, saying that it was “appalling and scary” but wondering why President Hichilema had not taken action on it. Hambwezya also claimed that President Hichilema’s fight against corruption has only targeted former PF leaders, rather than addressing corruption within his own party.

In addition to these issues, Hambwezya lamented the rising cost of goods and services under President Hichilema’s administration, saying that it has made life difficult for ordinary Zambians. He specifically mentioned the increase in fuel prices, saying that it has had a negative impact on farmers and small-scale businesses that depend on fuel for their livelihood.

Overall, Hambwezya warned that if nothing is done to change the current leadership in Zambia, President Hichilema and his team will not survive the 2026 general elections. He called on the people of Zambia to speak out against the current leadership and demand change, warning that if they do not, a strong dictator will emerge.


  1. When you point a finger and accuse someone of dictat0rship, you forget that three fingers point back at you. The honey moon for UPND is over and the people will hold this party responsible for plunging Zambia into chaos. UPND have time to change course but they need to start listening to young people. They have had enough and not afraid to act anymore.

  2. We just need to change our mindset of always allowing the West to control us by giving us bread crumbs….HH is just following orders from the west no wonder he has dictator tendency just like Masisi of Botswana…they’re all controlled by west no we are divided whilst they loot our natural resources

  3. Where is THAT REPORT this man is talking about? All he is doing is huffing and puffing with speculation, innuendo and tittle tattle without any evidence whatsoever to back up his claims. Is HH really not performing but fighting political battles? Has this little fellow not heard about enahced CDF, employment of more than 40,000 people, reduction in the rate of rise of the price of goods from 24% to less than 10%, the stablisation of the economy, the increased direct foreign investment etc etc etc and all within TWELVE months and not TEN YEARS? Zambia is not yet where it should be, but it is definitely not where it was 14 months ago. Believe me, if Zambia had continued with PF, sembe mwa nyokoleka an njala!

    • Because men with big strong arms like you have decided to run away abroad instead of staying here with us to develop country. Leave those whlte women alone with those big strong arms.

  4. There are countries in this world who owe the international community only USA dollar 1.17B and are struggling to pay.
    Zambia owes International community more than USA Dollar 30B! And this is under PF dununas boys and PF thinks it is a joke.

  5. People in Zambia have too much freedoms.
    That’s why you have irrelevant people like that talking such nonsense.
    You can’t print this kind of stuff in Zimbabwe or Uganda.

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