Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Zambian Government Urged to Fulfill Economic and Social Promises to Address Poverty and Unemployment


The new leadership in Zambia must prioritize the fulfilment of the economic and social promises made during the election campaign in order to address issues of poverty and unemployment, according to Ambassador Anthony Mukwita. Speaking on a live TV programme in Lusaka, Mukwita addressed the need for the government to take action on several pressing issues facing the country.

One major concern is the rising prices of fuel, which have a knock-on effect on the cost of living and contribute to increasing poverty. Mukwita also highlighted the shortages of drugs in hospitals as a pressing issue that needs to be addressed.

Additionally, Mukwita called for clarity on the foreign policy of Zambia, particularly in regards to the relationships with China and the United States. He also emphasized the issue of the late distribution of agro inputs, such as fertilizer, which can hinder the ability of farmers to produce crops and contribute to food insecurity.

Mukwita urged the government to stop “cooling off” and instead focus on delivering on its promises to the people of Zambia. He stressed that the current administration has a chance to make a positive difference in the remaining years of its term, but warned that if it fails to deliver, it may face the same backlash as the previous administration. He emphasized that Zambians are looking for tangible results and will not accept excuses or the “tired blame game” of blaming the previous administration for current problems.


  1. Somebody tell this Congolese born Zambian Ambassador that he’s living one year behind. It was last year when people used to say that about the UPND Government. Wake up Mwikita.

  2. This man was on Diamond TV last night and he claimed that the economy under PF went down due to Covid, regrettably the guy moderating the program lamentably failed to challenge him to say the President then ECL had even acknowledged that the economy was in dire straits way before covid came.

  3. Indeed, on TV last night the interviewer must have challenged the man that Zambia’s economic malaise started way before covid, Infact even before covid Zambia’s currency was still the worst performing and under PF, and the interviewer should have gone further to say during the MMD time before PF came on the scene, fuel was K7 a liter, Exchange rate was K7 to a dollar, inflation was 7% and our debt stock was less than 2 billion dollars. The interviewer must have advised the interviewee that all the huge gains left by MMD were seriously eroded by PF

  4. What an empty tin this Mukwita! This says a lot about the caliber of PF appointees. Ambassador!!! kuti wa seka no kulila!!!

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