Friday, June 14, 2024

Government committed to growing transport, tourism sector


The government says it attaches great importance to the economic growth of the country through the transport and tourism sector.

Minister for Infrastructure Housing Urban and Development, Charles Milupi while visiting the construction works of the 3 US Dollar Luanginga crossing bridge in Kalabo district cited the major ripple effect the works will impact on the employment and social levels of youths in Kalabo districts will be massive.

Mr Milupi explained that the deliberate strategies implored by the Government in the Tourism sector will uplift the economy of the communities by investment in local businesses such as hospitality and transport.

He noted that youths in Kalabo district during the construction works of the project will initially benefit from jobs provided at the site.

At the same event, Liuwa Constituency Area Member of Parliament and Minister of Finance Situmbeko Musokotwane pointed out that once the Bridge is complete incidences of the community losing lives in the Luanginga River and spending money on dugout canoes for crossing will be a thing of the past.

Mr Musokotwane explained that the same project will also include another 1.7 kilometers road that will cover Luanginga and Silanda Bridges which normally get caught off during the rainy season.

However, Western Province Minister, Kapelwa Mbangweta said the number of major strides that Government has achieved in the province can be seen through the completion works of the Limulunga road, works on Kafue hook bridge and the construction of various schools together with clinics.

Mr Mbangweta said the holding of the Western Investment Expo last year has opened up investment opportunities in the province.

The Provincial Minister said the Government should be commended for achieving these strides in a period of less than 2 years.

And a local resident in Kalabo district has welcomed the move by Government to construct the bridge as transportation of pregnant mothers and patients will be made easier.

Ms Nyambe Muyumbana in an interview said the residents had cried for this kind of development for a very long time especially from the previous Governments.

She stressed that the Bridge will make it easier for goods and services delivery to the other parts of Kalabo district which normally gets cut off during the rainy season.


  1. Meanwhile the price of fuel is at the highest and there no medicines in hospitals. When was this project initiated again? This is the information left out in this government.

  2. We are now being forced to make love to our wlves in the dark, any yet their hh promised to end load shedding. This is unacceptable useless upnd incompetent government! Fuseke!

    Plan b is not in supply, how can men sleep with side chicks now. Kuyabebele upnd

  3. This Government is full of bullcrap…. they keep on making nonsensical statements with no results…. day in day out…. they sound like they’re still campaigning


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