Thursday, June 20, 2024

Allegation of pocketing of CDF funds by Cooperatives emerge


Chinsali District Commissioner, Samson Muchemwa has warned registered cooperatives in Chinsali District in Muchinga Province of punitive measures against all cooperatives that have squandered the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr Muchemwa says he has been receiving disturbing reports alleging that there are some cooperatives that have received empowerment grants and have shared amongst the top executives without informing other members.

He says the grants were meant to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to boost their businesses and not self-empowerment.

Mr Muchemwa has since advised and urged the Ward Development Committee (WDC) executive to get to the bottom of the matter and report on progress made by the cooperatives who have received the CDF empowerment grants.

The DC further warned that the new administration will not take kindly against those with criminal minds to frustrate the development agenda of the district and vowed to make sure that the law will take its course.

Mr Muchemwa has advised the local authority team in charge of CDF to intensify monitoring and ensure that they sensitize the beneficiaries before it is too late.

“We need to take legal action once we establish the truth that some cooperative executives have received and shared the grants meant for the groups,” he said.

And Chinsali Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Lolavye Simukoko said as of yesterday January 5, 2023, 92 cooperatives had received the monies they applied for.

Mr Simukoko added that the local authority has embarked on monitoring activities to check on progress made by those who received CDF empowerment grants in selected wards and was happy with progress made especially in Agribusiness.

He said the team had a challenge to trace five cooperatives executives within the Central Business District (CBD) as all of them had their phones switched off.

“We tried three times to reach the five cooperative executives but all their phones were switched off. We have decided to engage the ward Councillors and ward development committee’s chairpersons to find out what is happening,” he said.


  1. A country hopelessly in debt should never spend money this way. I’m not surprised that this has happened. We hv a government trying to turn poets into high-flying entrepreneurs. It won’t do and it cannot do.

  2. Garry nkombo is now a multi millionaire by pocketing cdf funds. He is driving the latest range rover which pa new year was parked at a hotel where he was effing some well known prostitute

  3. Just surrender the diplomatic passport iwe before many more cases of impersonation as a national traitor is charged on you. Remember the DPP removed an illegal immunity of thief Milingo Lungu. Ati Immunity from prosecution, PF thieves were a big joke, no wonder the loud cries of political persecution, chweeee, chweee.

  4. Someone should wake the ACC and police from their permanent snooze. We truly have incompetent people running this country of ours or perhaps the crooks are in control.


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