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Loadshedding has brought misery to Zambians – Harry Kalaba


Citizens First President Harry Kalaba says the power disruption that the country is currently facing has brought alot of misery to the people of Zambia especially for those who run and manage small businesses.

Mr Kalaba added that the power cuts have caused doom for those run small businesses such as barbershops, salons, welders, butcheries, and many other small businesses, as they are the ones who are heavily affected.

He noted that this load shedding is now affecting big companies and shopping malls as they have not be spared and as result of that business has become very slow which also hinges on the economy thus, leading to the economic growth being stagnant as there are not incentives happening in the economic which is also affecting whole enterprise of living in the country.

Mr Kalaba mentioned that the justification by the power utility company ZESCO that there is poor rainfall pattern that has caused low water levels at the Kariba North Bank, is not true because the country has not experienced any draught in last three years and the only challenge was in 2017 to 2018 when the country experienced a draught, so, ZESCO cannot just say that load shedding is because of the rains.

“We are of the view that, the challenge has been because our colleagues in government now managed to get rid of everybody that was working at ZESCO and brought in their own people, those who had the plan to push the agenda forward to end loadshedding are not there, and institutional memories were erase in the process, so this is why we are where we are today and we are shooting in the dark,” he said

He stated that ZESCO is not operating the way it should be, adding that a quasi government institution cannot be operating in the manner that ZESCO is operating now because Zambia is a country that should be leading a way now when managing parastatal companies such as ZESCO, but it’s a pity especially that they had to ask some people to leave and employed many more people who are affiliated to the United Party for National Development – UPND but its not the way things should be.

He said that the President taking a tour at Maamba Collieries and Kariba Dam, does not offer any solutions because the solution is about being focused by understanding the electricity management in the country.

Mr Kalaba said that the seeing the splitting of the 12 hours of load shedding as a relief is quite shocking because the Minister of Energy had informed the nation that ZESCO had reduced the number of megawatts there where exporting outside the country and as a result of this reduction, the Citizens First Party expected that the number of loadshedding hours will also be reduced.

“There was an outcry in the country where all of us in the opposition and ordinary citizens where saying the 12 hours of load shedding is too much, stop exporting or at the least reduce the number of megawatts being exported and the government heard this call that was made by Citizens First and announced that they have reduced on exports but they have not told us how many megawatts that they have reduced in terms of exporting, they haven’t also told us the countries which will be affected because of this reduction, and they have not told us as to whether the reductio in the exporting of those megawatts is going to have an effect on the number of hours that we are currently facing for load shedding, so we are shocked that instead of telling us that they have reduced on the load shedding hours, they are saying that they are staggering, but is that how you do things when you reduce on the number of exports of megawatts,” Mr Kalaba explained


    • The more reason we should not be having it now. It is poor planning making rocky mistakes that were made before if at all we should be classifying the current as a mistake.

  1. Here we go again…we need to find solutions not just blaming and pointing fingers…. HH used to Politicize everything when he was in opposition…and now Opposition is busy poking him left right and center and he is slowly losing focus…..HH was on record saying Lake Kariba has a leakage and ZESCO board chairman is now saying there’s not a single leak on the Kariba dam…. ZAMBIANS ARE BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE BY THIS INCOMPENTENT UPND GOVERNMENT AND CHIMBWI NO PLAN PRESIDENT

  2. From the days of KK, every other president inherited this load shedding. Zambians know it & ya all need to stop pretending like u are not used to load shedding—- it’s your life story.

    So HH & his UPND also inherited it. It’s only the *****s in the opposition who behave like they just have never lived in Zambia all this time.

    Maybe this time you have a leader with brains, so give him a chance to fix it.. stop behaving like babies

    • @Benson leave KK out of ifyabupuba and also leave FTJ, Mwanawasa and RB because we never had load shedding during their time. You must be one of the kids that voted for this useless government of HH.

  3. We have no genuine alternative presidential material in Zambia. They are all raw, shallow, narrow and lack broadness . All these chishimba kambwili, miles sampa, Hamududu, Sean Tembo, Msoni, Kabimba, Nmembe, , KBF, Nevers Mumba etc are total jokes. The most underutilized and hidden presidential material outside the box and outside the limelight is Edify Hamukale. Never fights for positions or recognition and yet with incredible natural and acquired leadership tenets and faculties!! if that Guy was a Bemba or from Eastern province, we could have built him and prepared him for rapid rising. PF lost the mark by losing out on such people

  4. Ba Kalaba, he is almost like that ugly lady or gentleman as they say, looking for attention. Shuwa shuwa shuwa, ati we never had droughts for all those years, yes it is true, I wonder all those 3 to 4 years we had load shedding and you were zzzzzzz, I scouwered the web looking for a day you had opened your mouth on this issue but nikisi. This ka mdala will never be taken seriously ,a joker

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