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Police warn and caution two ruling UPND supporters for disrupting a Radio show hosting Chilufya Tayali


Police in Chingola have warned and cautioned two ruling UPND supporters in connection to the recent attack on Chingola’s Kokoliko FM Radio Station where a live radio programme featuring Economic and Equity Party (EEP) controversial President Chilufya Tayali was stopped by cadres.

Known UPND cadres on 31st December 2022 assaulted the manager of Chingola’s Kokoliko FM Radio Station Eunice Phiri when disrupting a paid for radio programme that featured Mr. Tayali.

The cadres went on to prevent Mr. Tayali from featuring on a planned radio programme at Mafkeni Radio Station in Mufulira on the day that followed.

The cadres lined-up around Mafukeni Radio Station to block Mr. Tayali from entering the premises of the media institution.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba has identified the two suspects warned and cautioned over Conduct Likely to Cause the Breach of Peace as Billy Mwape, 43, and Mutuna Chifunda also aged 43.

Mr. Mweemba said Mr. Chifunda and Mr. Mwape were released on police bond and will appear at Chingola Central Police Station this week.

“Conduct Likely to Cause the Breach of Peace: This is in which Eunice Phiri, aged 36, of Kabundi East reported on behalf of Radio Kokoliko management that suspected UPND party cadres stormed kokoliko Radio Station on 31/12/2022 at 15:00 hours thereby disturbing a paid up Political program in which Mr. Chilufya Tayali was the Guest speaker. She alleged that the cadres entered the Radio Station premises without any permission from management and stopped a paid for program by force. The complainant identified some cadres who stormed Kokoliko radio station as Billy Mwape, Mutuna Chifunda, Sikazwe and Phiri,” Mr. Mweemba said.

“Acting on this report from Kokoliko Radio Station, officers at Chingola Central Police station summoned Billy Mwape, aged 43,, occupation- businessman in relation to the above complaint. A warning and caution statement was recorded from him over Conduct Likely to Cause the Breach of Peace. A warn and caution statement was also taken from Mutuna Chifunda aged 43, occupation- businessman. They were released on police bond and to appear at Chingola Central Police station 11/01/2023 at 08:30hours,” he said.

Meanwhile, Police in Luanshya have arrested and detained a 29 year old man for being in possession of 51 by 50Kg bags of fertilizer believed to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained from the Government.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba said the suspect identified as Steward Mwansa of Mikomfwa Township was detained after failing to give a satisfactory explanation about the source of the fertiliser found at his house.

Mr. Mweemba said the suspect was seen by members of the public offloading the fertilizer suspected to be under the Farmers Input Support Program (F.I.S.P.) in Luanshya.

He said Police have since recovered and kept as exhibits the 51 by 50kg bags of D Compound fertilizer as investigations continue into the matter.

“Reported on 7th January, 2023 at 17:00 hrs at Luanshya Central Police Station. Occurred on 7th January, 2023 at 14:00 hrs at house No. 3406 Kalala Mikomfwa in Luanshya in which Elias Chisala aged 53 of house No. 212 Section 8, Roan Township in Luanshya, also a Luanshya District Youth Chairperson for United Party for National Development (U.P.N.D) in Luanshya reported that Steward Mwansa aged 29 of house No.3406 Kalala, Mikomfwa in Luanshya, was found in possession of 51 X 50Kg bags of Fertilizer. The same is suspected to be fertilizer, which is supposed to be given to farmers as Farmers Input Support Program (F.I.S.P.) in Luanshya by the Government of the Republic of Zambia,” Mr. Mweemba stated.

“Brief facts are that the reporter received a tip off from members of the public that the suspect was offloading the bags of D Compound fertilizer at his house. That is how the reporter made a follow-up and went to the above house and found 51 X 50kg bags of D Compound fertilizer. The matter was reported at Luanshya Central Police Station. Officers immediately rushed to the above address and recovered the said bags of fertilizer. When interviewed, the suspect, Steward Mwansa failed to give a satisfactory explanation about the source of the same fertiliser. Docket of case opened and arrest made on Steward Mwansa aged 29 of house No. 3406 Kalala, Mikomfwa in Luanshya. The 51 X 50kg bags of D Compound fertiliser were recovered and kept as exhibits. He is detained at Luanshya Central Police Station,” he said.


  1. The thugs who ransacked the Kwacha clinic in Kitwe were warned and cautioned and bonded out…they still free and harassing people. Same with this case.
    Taking them to court by the radio station is the only option.

  2. Can the trial be televised live please so that we see that a conviction is attained, and chaps are locked up with keys to their jail cell thrown away to send a strong warning. What is strange is the deafening silence from the UPND leadership condemning the behavior of their cadres, this issue needed a strong message from their Party SG and not small Liswaniso. It even needed their party President to say some tough words, otherwise it might spring up again some where


  4. Am just curious as to how Chilufya Tayali earns a living…where does he get the money to pay bills..whats is his main source of income…he doesn’t own any business or property neither is he employed by anyone…am just curious…any blogger with answers…Just like Sean Tembo also

  5. Tayali Chilufya earns his living by hook and crook. Tayali preys on easy quick rich Politian thieves and accepts to be used as an expendable being. Tayali equally launders his character to willing disgruntled political crooks for their convenience. Wondered Chilufya party has no membership, so he pays few trainee bloggers masquerading as journalists for his vile and hatred blogging and spewing uncultured utterances shaming himself and those that brought him up. He then gets paid but not enough to keep a wife. Now he dreams about a girl claiming a god has directed him to marry that poor girl. His ex wife an Ethiopian, is suing him for child upkeep. Lacky, Emmanuel Mwamba is at hand to talk to her parents. Pity the so called maid may be carrying Tayali’s child already.

  6. Why only appearing at the police station after a warn and caution and not in a court of law? It means the police wants to see how these people can get away from this issue. Also the charge is flimsy. They should have added trespassing, malicious damage to property , riotous behavior among others. Breach of peace they will just pay a small admission of guilt fine and be on their way.

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