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Zambia, Angola ink 6 agreements


Zambia and Angola have signed six (6) memoranda of understanding (MoUs) aimed at boosting trade and investment in the two countries.

The two countries have signed an MoU on cooperation to facilitate the construction of the Zambia/Angola connection road via the Jimbe border between Zambia’s Ikelengi district in the North-western province and Angola’s town of Luau.

The two nations have also committed to the construction of the Malundo/Sikongo border in the western part of Zambia.

Zambia and Angola have also signed a memorandum of understanding between the Ministries of Justice in both countries to enhance security in the two countries and the region as a whole.

Another MOU signed is between Zambia’s National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) and Angola’s National School of Administration and Public Policies.

The education cooperation seeks to integrate some educational programmes between the two institutions especially in the area of introducing English speaking programmes in Angola considering that the country is predominantly a Portuguese speaking nation and vice versa.

The two countries have also signed a memorandum of understanding between the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) and Angola’s Investment Agency Private and Export promotion (AIPEX) which seeks to promote public and private investment in the two countries.

And speaking after witnessing the signing of the MoUs, both President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia and President Joao Lourenco of Angola pledged to work towards the fulfilment of the signed agreements.

The two Heads of State said it does not make economic sense to continue committing to agreements that are never actualised.

Meanwhile, President Lourenco said his country is eager to engage Zambia in livestock trade especially beef, considering that Zambia is sufficiently stocked in that area.

President Lourenco said Angola has identified Zambia as a possible trade partner in livestock considering the two countries’ close proximity.

The Angolan President also called for enhanced cooperation in mining, stating that both Zambia and Angola are rich in minerals.

He said Zambia and Angola can create linkages that encourage the production of finished products arising from its minerals and sold as finished products.

‘’If we take that route, then we shall be guaranteed massive job opportunities for our people and increased revenue for our countries,” said President Lourenco.

And President Hakainde Hichilema noted with great concern that Zambia and Angola have had no developed border between them over the years despite the two nations enjoying peaceful co-existence.

President Hichilema said this situation is hampering trade between the two countries.

“We should connect ourselves via road, railway, air and water transport if we are to enhance economic activities amongst ourselves,” President Hichilema said.

President Hichilema further underscored the importance of investments in the petroleum and gas sectors as a way of ensuring the supply of affordable fuel and petroleum products.

The Zambian Head of State said fuel is a key driver to any country’s economy hence calling for synergies around the energy sector.


  1. Uko, ba mutuma ma boses to go and introduce English ku Angola so that they can penetrate that region too. Why not discuss energy with the second largest producer of oil in Africa? Ma distractions when you are facing the music back home. Soon he will be flying to London or US to give his boses updates on progress.

  2. Looks like HH is not a fun of virtual meetings because he is making alot of his own personal deals so for privacy he prefers to do it in person…..HH is wasting tax payers money with his nonsensical foreign trips

    • Virtual meetings can never compare with face to face meetings in person………..

      Virual meetings are OK for instructions and information desiemination………

      Far from ideal for negotiations, especially when it is you that needs a deal like zambia in this case……

  3. Angola is one of the most Chinese indebted countries in Africa, but they do not complain and they have not gone to the IMF with a begging bowl. Interesting, is it not? When you look at Chinese investment in Angola, it is tangible. The Benguela railway was re-done by the Chinese and it will soon reach Lubumbashi. Thousands of houses have been built by the Chinese to solve the housing crisis. Tangible results. In Zambia, what did the Chinese loans do?

    • President Mwanawasa had a plan for the Chinese loans but then president Banda tried to implement them but got distracted by the sums involved, then came Sata who diverted and misused all the reserves in 90 days promising us money in our pockets. President Lungu joined the party but then realised right at the end that the whole thing is just a game. 2H is here to finish us off.

    • Angola has a much larger GDB than Zambia has. Angola produces oil, has a large sea coast and posts. Angola was not saddled with a debt trap. HH is trying to dig out of an impossibly deep hole

  4. African leaders they surround themselves with so much luxury…In Luanda Angola you see all government officials driving around with blue lights on all the time so that they can beat traffic even if they’re not on official duties…they fit blue light even on personal cars so they can have their own rules on road…no speed limit….weaving in and out of traffic….very corrupt country Angola….when you check in a hotel and you’re a black foreigners…the receptionist notifies the Police so that they can come and rob you in your room….it happened to my friend he was robbed by the Police in Angola…especially if you’re black and you don’t speak Portuguese…expect to be attacked right from the Airport

  5. And just like that US$2.5 million dollars gone….Africa we are big spenders…..just signing on 6 A4 papers…..and let’s make another trip to the IMF for more Kaloba….let’s get 2 billion from our colonial masters so that they can take over ZESCO since we’re so dull such that we can’t manage things ourselves

  6. Yes we need to diversify trade links with Angola. They are actually good neighbours. When I travelled there 4 years ago, I found them quite friendly. Zambia should introduce french, Portuguese/Spanish and chinese for better trade competitiveness as well as gaining higher profile in international foras.

  7. Those two chairs they’re sitting on that’s enough money to buy medicine for 3 month’s supply for Matero Clinic or 3 month’s supply for medicine at Igreja Evangelica Sinodal de Angola Hospital in Huambo

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